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  1. can i enable smilies/emoticons on my blog?

  2. Dashboard - options - writing - check "Convert emoticons like :-) and :-P to graphics on display"

  3. Should actually be defaulting to use them. Are they not showing up for you? Care to point us to an example?

  4. you also need to make sure there is a space before and after your smiley. like drmike says, an example would be good.

  5. is my site and nope no smilies. will have a play with katm's idea.

    the box is checked but no smilies to play with

  6. I politely point out that we asked for an example, not your site URL. Making us search through your blog for this is not a good thing.

  7. okay but i have no idea what you are talking about. i just assumed it was the website.
    i am not very blog savvy.
    they are not showing up anywhere on the blog that i have found.


    i have been surfing the net and found that you can use smilies but is there somewhere on the blog that you just have to click into or do you actually have to type in the wierd lettering.

  9. no, drmike wants a link to a post where you have used an emoticon like :) and it has not become the little smiley picture, please. I took a quick cruise through your main page, and i didn't see any.

    edit: just read the second part. Yes, you have to type them in manually.

  10. where do i find them to write them in manually?
    thanks soooo much for your help i really do look like a dork, hmmmmmm

  11. cool so i got one smilie to work using the :) and the spaces now all i need is the place where i find all the other smilies i can use. I love em they are so cute.

  12. here are some basic ones i found via Google:

  13. thanks for that now i can play

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