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Smilies - Are they working?

  1. Hi There,
    Just wondering if smilies are working? I added one today but it's not showing up. I used ;) in the current post and nothing.
    Is there a bug?

  2. It just worked for me in a test blog. Do you see it in preview mode?

  3. no actually I did not see it in preview mode, but sometimes it just kicks in when you post it... but not this time. Hmmm?

  4. Ya got me. :) I never use smilies in blog posts but the test I did was just fine. Is it just that one, or did you try other emoties?

  5. ellaella,
    I did try ;) and :) neither worked... but....
    If you scroll down a bit you will see that I was able to use smilies in a post two days ago. Not sure why I can't today or why they are not showing up right. Do you think I should take the post and run the clean up code option??
    It just seems fickle day to day, but thought I would check to see if there was something else going on in the background... I dunno!

  6. Yep, I see that. You could try cleaning up the code, but unless you pasted (doubt it) it might not have any effect.

    Did you double check that 'convert emoticons' is still checked in Options>Writing? I do use them in comments and the other day that box was unchecked all by itself.

    Other than that, I'm stumped. You could contact support from the upper right of your dashboard.

  7. Ok I will check that as I was just thinking of it... I have added a few more words and put the smiley further along in the post, but that did not work either...
    Will look under Options now.... :)

  8. Hi ellaella,
    Option > writing was still turned on so I unchecked the box, clicked save, then checked the box and click save again... seems to have corrected the issue... so for now all good.
    Thanks for the help =:>)

  9. Glad to hear it!! Sometimes the simplest things.... Happy blogging! ;)

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