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    I’m in the UK and was wondering if there were plans to extend the SMS / Text Messaging posting service beyond the US?

    I used to use for this feature (they had a US and an ‘International’ number) to post to my blog but it seems to have stoppped working and I can’t get any reply from their support services. It’d be great to be able to bypass and post directly to my wordpress blog.

    Just in case you’re wondering, my phone does have limited web browsing access, but I prefer to use the text msg service as its much quicker to use, and if I’m outside of a decent signal area, web access won’t work whereas the text service retries until a strong enough signal is found. (i.e. I can write my update wherever I am, when its current, and know that it will get posted later, whereas if I tried to use the web, I couldn’t write the post at the time, I’d have to wait till I got a signal).

    I also get a large number of free text messages, whereas I have to pay for web access on my phone.


    The blog I need help with is



    Please read this section and especially note what’s appearing there in the text in red font > Text Messaging

    Note: The Text Messaging upgrade has been discontinued. …
    Note: Currently available in the USA only. Standard text message and data rates apply.*

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