SMS Posting and Auto Posting Features

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    I have two general issues about using wordpress. My blog is

    1. I know a way to SMS post to using But since I’m in India, using to post SMS to wordpress costs around Rs. 5 per SMS. So, is there any other cheap way to post blog via SMS.

    2. Like, is there any way to auto post a blog to other blogging platforms like blogger?

    K.Ramesh Karthik


    I’ll give #2 a go, but I don’t “text” so someone else will have to respond to #1.

    Putting duplicate content onto the web is a bad idea because when the search engines see duplicate content they think “splog” (spam blog) and will throw all the sites with the duplicate content under the bus. In other words, your search engine ranking will drop like a stone.

    In short: duplicate content = bad idea

    I will say though that if you are talking about only a random post here or there, that isn’t going to hurt ranking, but if you talking about having lots of duplicate content, well get used to the look of the underside of a bus.

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