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    I’m trying to get smugmug videos embedded using the code they provide for blogs.
    Example (hopefully the backtick thing works for code):

    <object width=640 height=360><param name="movie" value="" /><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always" /><param name="flashVars" value="s=aT0xNDQyMjc1ODEzJms9QkNIUjJKVyZhPTE4NjY3MTE1X0hTR3NMRCZ1PUhyaGl0dA==" /><embed src="" flashVars="s=aT0xNDQyMjc1ODEzJms9QkNIUjJKVyZhPTE4NjY3MTE1X0hTR3NMRCZ1PUhyaGl0dA==" width=640 height=360 type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullScreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always"></embed></object>

    This blog that looks to be hosted by ( is using iframes. Smugmug support says that I CAN use iframes in because they in fact use it on their blogs. Example is on this post that includes video:

    There is some sort of support for smugmug as I HAVE been able to embed video using a direct link in the blog,
    like this:

    But again, I want to be able to use the copy/paste/customize flash code like the above mentioned site.

    The blog I’m trying to embed in is:

    The blog I need help with is


    Take a look at this post by Panos that tells how to use the gigya shortcode to embed non-supported flash videos.



    Thanks @thesacredpath. I’m actually familiar with the gigya code thanks to the exact post you mention, but it’s a pain to cut and paste several video links together. (At least for my ADD self anyways) I want to do it like they say it can be done! LOL
    Smugmug gives you a code, that literally you just click ONE button and it copies and paste in one tap and then I just want to paste it into the freaking blog! This is one area I don’t want to spend all my “thinking time” on. I feel like a glorified Cut and Paster of photo and video links right now! I’m having flashbacks of those wretched scrapbooking parties my friends use to make me attend.
    Ok, I feel better now; however, I’m not giving up yet. Insanity, I know.



    Honestly, my suggestion would be to route it through Vodpod instead. The person who invents an automatic code to Gigya code converter could ask real money for that service.



    Although it may be obvious to many others, I found the reason the direct html link on it’s own line will work is due to Oembed.
    However, I’m trying to put videos within a table, but the videos are not auto-resizing like I need them. Is there a way to pass width and height to either the video or the table cell?
    I understand I could use the gigya but it’s my understanding that ipad/ipod users will not be able to view the videos with gigya. With the oembed, anyone can view them.

    Here’s a link to what’s happening with the table..(hopefully preview or unpublished page is viewable (?) )



    Only you can view your own previews, sorry.



    thanks airodyssey…
    After doing all this research, perhaps even in vain, I created a blog just for my smugmug testing. I’ll comment back when I can duplicate the problem without publishing to a “real” blog.

    Oh and SmugMug just announced that the Slideshows now work using oEmbed. More heading banging is in my future…

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