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  1. Is it possible to install a Snap viewer plugin into the domain blog?

  2. Snap is currently being tested on 10% of blogs, prior to being rolled out to all of them. I'd expect, since there aren't a lot of problems being reported, that it'll be standard very soon.

  3. Here's the post about it.

    Hope this helps,

  4. I hope its standard soon. I was hoping that as one of the people who requested the feature several months ago, that I'd be one of the beta testers. But alas, to no avail.

  5. What do you like most about it?

  6. I'm ambivalent about it. I could easily complain that those boxes popping up are a distraction. But maybe I'm just not used to it, or am just being a curmudgeon. :-/ (I not one of the beta testers, but I've bumped into it on other blogs.)

  7. Actually in the beginning I thought it might be a cool feature. I'm not in the beta test either and if I were I would have shut the ding dong thing off by day 2. It distracts me from reading the blog posts in question. In other words it was a "novelty" on day 1 that is fast becoming an "annoyance" to me. Perhaps I'm a curmudgeon too but I feel the same way about cutesy sidebar "tat" as well.

  8. I'll weigh in here. I think Snap would be good since my blog is informational (or at least that's my hope). I have medical references/resources in my posts and it would be cool if my visitors seeking information had that visual before deciding to click on something. It could be used as another reference tool.

    Will have to decide once I can implement this on my blog if the addition of Snap would (in reality) be a distracting form of TMI. ;)

  9. I like to read an entire post from beginning to end and then I go back to the beginning and follow the links in it. Perhaps others have different reading approaches. hmmmm ... maybe they even take their hand off their mouse ... my hand and mouse are rarely ever separated *lol*.

  10. I like Snap. I think that is needs a bit of tweaking, though. No reason to have a preview to pictures uploaded to WP.

    My readers like it.

  11. TT, you make me smile. :)

    I'm still trying to evaluate how my visitors read the posts and use my site. It's an interesting study in information presentation. Most of my visitors enter via a specific post. I think they skim the post, read the comments, and then jump into the discussion. If they leave my blog and return, they return to that specific post.

    Some have your reading approach (mouse and all) and will automatically utilize whatever reference links I include. Others are using my blog as a support forum only. That's just fine but not my original intention. I'm trying to guide people to look at the science behind stuff and to visit credible resources on the Internet. I think Snap would be useful in that endeavor (i.e. the visual would get the attention of some who would normally just skim over the medical/research content). Just a thought.

    I totally understand how Snap could end up being a big irritation but I'm looking forward to testing my "it can be quite useful" hypothesis. :D

    [Edited to add:]


    Of course, I had to visit your site. That's pretty cool.

  12. Thanks! I also just realized another tweak it needs: skip the more tags.

  13. Don't forget to add a comment to that post Matt made on the main blog.

  14. I like it because I do sometimes post links to pretty weird and sometimes NSFW sites and this will at least let people know what they're in for. If I have the word "pony" I might make it a link to Danny the Wonder Pony, just for a joke. But sometimes when I'm writing informational stuff I have a highly relevant, dense link like to an old CJR story or something, and I think it helps if people can see what they're in for.

  15. I will say one thing about snap that I don't like. I just visited a blog here that has it and nearly every single snap preview was "This page is in the query for viewing" or whatever that error was.

    That's annoying.

  16. Ah ha ... how good to know that I'm not alone .. annoying, really annoying =(
    In the beginning I thought ... kewl ... now I say only in small doses please.
    How does having it effect page loading time?

  17. drmike --

    One thing you do with Snap is the second your article is published, go hover over all your hotlinks yourself and queue them up in Snap so when your visitors hit your article the previews are already cached.

  18. Agreed but tell that to the person who's blog I visited. :)

  19. Two readers have complained, and that's enough for me to shut it off. If they want to end up explaining to their bosses why they were viewing Danny the Wonder Pony at work, so be it.

  20. I didn't even get into the beta. *sniff* :)

  21. Shocking! They owe you a free trip to a conference. I think that's obvious, don't you agree?

  22. @rain
    So those who are in the beta test for "snap" can opt to turn the thing off can they ... hmmmm .. I'm tempted to leave some comments on some blogs like the ones drmike and I have endured.

    [And like you I believe he deserves and all expenses paid trip, a T-shirt, plenty of BBQ and accolades for all he does gratis.
    Who know what the future may hold? Now that Automattic is "monetizing" our free blogs with adsense maybe they will consider paying our Moderator for taking the burden off staff.]

  23. I love Snap and I'm grateful to have it on my blog.

    Snap adds depth and context to the articles I publish and I don't have to send readers away from my site to prove our links and citations are working and valid.

  24. @boles
    If "snap" was a paid upgrade would you buy in? {I'm not being flippant this is a serious question}.

  25. Right now you can turn it off (or on? worth a try) by going to Dashboard-->Presentation-->Extras.

  26. Hiya timethief!

    Oh, yes, I'd buy the Snap upgrade. I'd pay $20 a year for it.

    I love self-linking in articles because it points readers to old articles and they can get a taste and a feel for the old article just by looking at the preview.

    I think Snap! encourages reading older stuff much in the same way my Favorite Plugin Of All Time -- Related Posts -- did.

    I also enjoy knowing my site is slowly being index in its entirety by image snapshots in the Snap system so if folks link my articles elsewhere I know they'll SNAP! right up on their site without waiting for queuing.

  27. hmmmm ... I'm beginning to sense that if I had been one of the beta test group I might feel differently. I expect that if it is offered it will be in the form of a paid upgrade but who knows? Thanks for your enthusiastic response, boles. :)

  28. Well I personally like it, but I already know where those links go, so I bowed to the user cries of pain.

  29. timethief --

    I think it depends on the sort of blog you have. My blog tends to require a lot of proof in the posts and comments so we're always wildly linking something as evidence beyond our own minds and so people can now check the link image first before deciding if they need to read all of the outside links or not and I get the sense with Snap! active they stay and keep reading instead of link lurking. My readers love it and so I love it, too!

    I only wish they'd enable Snap! for Comments and the Sidebar.

  30. Gotta admit that I would have liked to have a t-shirt. I'm going to try to pick one up when my next monthy check comes in. I did get a big donation for the laptop from Automattic though. Please remember that. :)

    Ryan made mention on one of the mailing lists something 'along the lines of 'We would like to hire more but we have to stay within a budget.' My use of words,, not his.

    Pkus I look at all those folks in the forums who have been helping out for eons day after day. They would deserve any position more than I do. You folks have never seen the poor PHP coding crap I produce.

    Having said that, I'm surprised about the weekends off bit now. I know most of teh retail positions I've worked at, the managers would rotate the weekends so a different manager would be on duty for each weekend and they would rotate. Either that or get someone to only work the weekends. Having someone answer emails would be better than just letting them sit for a couple of days. Granted though Mark's been answering mine. I really hate the idea of seeing him burnout.

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