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snap of blog under username

  1. I would like people to see a snap of my blog when they hover over my username. How is that done?

  2. -> Presentation -> Extras (mark the box for Enable Snap Preview Anywhere on this blog) -> Update Extras
    Happy blogging :)

  3. Thanks! That was easy enough:)

    Now, will it automatically show anywhere where my username (i.e. in previous post replies) appears or only when I post from now on?

    Maybe I misunderstood you. The snap preview feature is a feature that works when anyone hovers over any link on your blog. It provides a miniature image of the site at the link. I don't believe it does this with usernames though.

    Maybe what you mean is this - link your blog to your username. Go up to the right hand corner of this forum page and click on "view your profile" next click on "edit this information". Complete the fields. The important one is "website". In that one type in the url of your blog. When you are done click "update profile" to save. Now your username will be linked to your blog.

  5. Yes, indeed, what I'm trying to achieve is to have my username link to my blog. I followed the instructions you posted above but my username still doesn't link to anything. Is it supposed to take a while?

  6. Is this the new link ? Do remember that it will not be retroactive. Any comments left before you changed it will remain with the old URL. Only the comments after you changed it will link to the new URL.

    And yes, it can take a bit before it makes it through the system.

  7. Thanks! I was hoping it was retroactive.

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