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Snap Preview

  1. HEEELLLLLPPPPP! No matter what I do 2 of my websites in my blogroll display the original theme in the snap preview and not the new and improved theme!

    I now have a nervous tick cause it's driving me batty trying to figure it out....

    If any other fellow button 'pressers' have come across this and figured it out please stop me from scratching a hole in my head


  2. I think that information is cached. No sure if there is a way to force a refresh.

  3. It is cached, and it will take a while to refresh. You can also go to the Snap website, and they have some instructions there on how to update your previews.

    You'll see the same thing in Technorati, BTW.

  4. acidentaly i makerd to desable snap preview
    how can i enable it again?

  5. looks like the instructions are in the FAQs

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