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    I searched FAQ and forum, but could not find anything on this topic. I would like to know if it is possible to implement the Snap Preview Anywhere Tool
    ( into


    no, since we’re in a shared environment, in order for you to have snap previews, we’d all have to have snap previews.

    it’s javascript based, which means you can’t insert it yourself.



    Snap previews = latest trendy piece of rubbish that everyone has to have on their blog right now and will look, like, so 2006 in three months time.

    If anyone tried to force snap previews on me I would have to stop linking to other sites, and that would make me sad.



    But is Scoble doing it? That’s the important question. ;)



    I haven’t any idea what Robert is doing. I’m only posting to say that these Snap Previews people are spamming all of my yahoo email accounts with their promotional material daily … arGGGHH!


    latest trendy piece of rubbish

    see, as annoyed as crap like this always makes me, it’s always worth it for me to just bite my tongue because make it sound so much funnier



    Thanks for the feedback and your funny Snap Reviews



    Thanks for maintaining your sense of humor. :)



    i just want snap on my blog until i am sick of it.
    this would not be a problem if we were allow to play with templates.

    anyhow, wordpress is still the best around for me.



    Neouto, you blog about reading the FAQ. You may want to go back and actually read it this time through because you missed teh reasons why editing one’s template is not possible and a seurity risk. It’s even discussed in the FAQ at the head of these forums.

    Unless you would like to post why you feel it’s acceptable to put all of the 500k other blogs at risk? I would like to know your reasoning why you feel that way.

    Any we now have snap. You should find a post about it on your Deashboard when you log into your blog. Here‘s a link to it just in case you still have missed it.





    i must admit that i am not a technical person, i do know know the finer workings of internet.

    however, i am familiar with other hosts that are capable of letting others temper with templates.

    now that i have read FAQ that u suggested, i see where u r coming from, and thanks for that.

    the FAQ that i bloged about reading is this one
    no clear reasoning was given on that FAQ, its just said that its a security reason.

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