Snap Preview feature feature not working on my blog

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    It has been weeks going into months now
    that the snap preview feature is not working
    on my blogroll. I have contacted every
    one I can think of except the CIA, and
    they can’t get ‘nothing’ to work, so..
    to whom do I turn to get this feature
    fixed? I see it is working apparently
    everywhere in the WordPress world except
    on my blog. Can you feel my frustration?!

    Thanks for all help!




    Did you turn it on for your blog? Admin => Presentation => Extras and then make sure the box is checked beside “Enable Snap Preview Anywhere on this blog”. It only works on external links to your blog right!





    I have done that.
    I did generate an error report for my blog and
    there are numerous errors, and I’m thinking
    one of those is the problem. Unfortunately
    the report doesn’t locate the error so I don’t
    know where to begin to look.

    I used to send an email a week to support begging
    assistance, but that netted nothing but sore fingers.

    Any other ideas?




    There’s a couple of threads already on this topic. It appears that it was being removed from the blogrolls.


    I have the same problem in one of my blogs, and not in others. Same configuration, same blogger, same and in doesn’t works but in my fotolog and my tech related blog ( ) works fine :roll:

    I’ve tried everything :(


    In general I have found that Snap does not play nicely with my blog, so I keep it off. It’s more trouble than it was worth and at times kept my pages from loading properly or completely.

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