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    I haven’t found this anywhere, and it’s really aggravating. When you look at the snap preview for my blog–here or elsewhere–what it shows is the most recent comments, not the most recent posts!

    Given that some of the comments can be rude, or unrelated to the comments on my site, I’d rather this not be the first way people encounter my site.

    I suspect something in the code is involved, but what? This started shortly after I switched to sandbox. Nothing useful at the snap website.



    Where it has ‘recent comments’ on the left side of your blog you mean? If you don’t want that to show in your theme, just go to Admin => Presentation = > Widgets and drag the ‘recent comments’ out of the left sidebar. If you are saying that it says ‘recent posts’ and showing the ‘recent comments’ then you might have to send in a feedback to the staff because that would be a backend issue we can’t help you with here.




    Actually it’s showing the rss feed for that site which is the comments. You can change this yourself with the option panel within the Snap popup.



    Yes–I intend to have the comments on the left sidebar, although only added that a day or two ago. The Snap problem has been going on for several weeks.

    The RSS feed for the site that displays in snap, though, is always the comments, not the actual content.

    Dr. Mike, do you mean that If I change the options for Snap when viewing my blog, that it will display correctly for everyone?

    Edited to add: tried. still showing only comments :(

    That seems….suspiciously simple.



    oh..this is interesting. I just noticed that the Meta Widget has quite a few less display options, and I don’t seem to have the option for the RSS feed widget.
    I only have “RSS 1” which is for an external feed, and “RSS Links”, which doesn’t allow me to *not* display a feed option for Comments.

    Neither offers the typical RSS orange logo, but that may just be because I’ve suppressed the bullets on the menus.

    I think it is a sandbox thing!



    Since nothing I’d tried worked, I contacted Snap.

    they said:

    “The way our system works is that it looks at all the RSS feeds on your
    page and picks the most recent postings, regardless of which feed it
    comes from.”

    So basically, it seems like it’s a completely random thing–and that a blog with an active comments section is very likely to have comments, rather than the page, showing up.



    Thanks for sharing this new information.

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