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    Anyone else’s Snap Preview option not working? It seems that there is a script error on the page for my posts that have links on them. I noticed I’m having trouble with other people’s Snap Preview on their blogs as well. I’m trying to isolate the problem to see whether it just may be my computer. Though I think I had the same problem at work yesterday. Any thoughts?


    There have been no other recent posts on this issue and even if there had been Volunteers answering forum questions are not likely to be of assistance as we do not have backend access to blogs. I recommend that if the problem still persists on Monday that you use this link during working hours to contact staff



    Ok. Will do. Thanks. Maybe it’s just me then.



    My snap preview isn’t working as well. Many strange things have been occurring this past week with the blog. Gremlins!



    If the problem still persists on Monday use this link during working hours to contact staff Also remember that when contacting staff there is no such thing as providing too much information. They need as many details as you can provide. :)



    Thanks TimeThief!

    frankjump –


    If the problem persists, I would suggest disabling it for the time being so that it doesn’t cause any problems with your blog.


    I suggest disabling it permanently. ;-)


    @abby, some people like it, but it was nothing but a headache for me (not to mention the fact I don’t like it), so it’s permanently disabled on my site.



    good idea, path. i’m just getting rid of it for now. i kind of liked it because if felt all interactive and stuff.


    One suggestion is to keep an eye on your blog and if things start to act up, try disabling snap and see if the problems go away. I’ve found it was the source of quite a few problems I was having (header image not loading, blog not completely loading, etc.)

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