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Snap shots preview question

  1. I want to use the Snap preview on my blog everywhere but one page:

    This index page has a lot of links and the snap windows are annoying.

    Is there a way or a code to shut the Snap preview feature of for just one page?

  2. ... is their away to shut <bold>off </bold> the snap preview... (sorry i missed a word)

  3. I'm thinking your best bet is to host that page on Google or somewhere external and link to it instead. Too elaborate? Otherwise, I don't know how you would do that.

  4. Try placing <div class="snap_nopreview"> at the top of the page in the HTML and </div> at the bottom.

  5. Ooh, snazzy!

  6. Thanks guys. I have to goto work, but i will try the tag when i get back to my computer.

  7. go to design/extras and uncheck 'unable snap preview'.

    it'll be for the entire blog though, not parts..?

  8. Yes, that's for the entire blog. That's what I prefer, but the question is, what if you want them on for some parts but not for others?

  9. I'd go with mtdewvirus -- use html editor when writing post(s). Of course, snapshot in design->extras must be on.

  10. yes this worked great.
    I can use the snap windows on my blog,
    and use the those ? HTML tags to shut off the preview on a selected page.

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