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  1. I really hate the idea of seeing him burnout.

    Me too. And that's where I was coming from. :)

  2. macroartinnature

    Just noticed "snap" about 30 minutes ago, and I am trying to figure out if I like it or not.

    I have two sidebars on the right side.
    The first column I am using the "links" & "blogroll" widget thingys for various personal website links, and "snap" works just fine.

    In the second column, I used a text widget to list some Fine Art sites, and snap does not work on that list.

    So, either "snap" does not work with anything in my second column, or, "snap" does not work with anything listed inside a text widget?


  3. Snap is working in my Blogroll now but it isn't working in my Comments yet.

  4. Snap was installed on my blog and I want it turned off ASAP.
    I don't like, did not ask for and DO NOT like the fact it just showed up.
    My thanks to raincoaster for the headsup on how to turn it off. Interesting point though, the extras tab did not show up right off even after refreshing the page. After I bounced through my dashboard tabs a few times, bingo, it showed up and I turned it off.

  5. I noticed that it was working on the blogroll, which I think is pretty cool.

  6. When my cursor hovers over a link, there's a little bubble that pops up with a Snap preview or something. I don't like it and want it to go away...and also to go away for people who visit.

    Please instruct me how to turn it off. I don't see the explanation from raincoaster....I'm a newbie here. This is my first forum request.

    Please Disregard the above.
    I'm sorry--I didn't realize I missed the first whole page of discussion. I'm sorry I was chosen for the beta test when I turned out to be someone who immediately hated it...especially when others would have liked it. I found it *distracting*, but now that I read some of the explanations, I'm going to have to go back and think about it before turning it off.

  7. No biggee and thank you for coming back reading the thread again and posting your regret about missing the first page of discussion. :)

  8. I've decided to try it for a while. But I'd really like to turn if off for photos in my posts. No sense in a Snap bubble popping up to show a reader the photo s/he's already looking at. On the Snap site they say you can turn it off for specific links by inserting a bit of code like this:

    But when I try that, it doesn't turn it off. I've tried clearing cookies and reloading, tried putting the code in different places (WP moves it anyway when you put it where the Snap site says to put it). No luck. Anyone figured out how to turn it off for specific links?

    [EDIT] Hmmm, now I've been able to successfully turn it off on a different photo. I'll have to see if there is something different about the two photos.

  9. As I understand it it's all or nothing at this point. You either have it turned on or off.

  10. TT, no you can turn it off for specific links. I just figured out the problem and it was just that I had some stray code left in with the first photo that shouldn't have been there. Just use the regular editor, not the WYSIWYG one, and insert the bit of code they mention on the Snap site. It works! :)

  11. macroartinnature

    To much trouble to go through to keep the box from popping up on the images, which is a big "no no" for many many reasons, so, ........

  12. @growthmad
    Thanks for correcting me. I'll remember this the next time someone asks how to turn it on and off for specific links. Would you please post the link with the bit of code so if anyone else hits on this thread it's there for them to use.

    I hear ya and one day when I have nothing but time maybe I'll play with this distracting doodad but not tonight. ;)

  13. factorypeasant

    snap just showed up suddenly this evening on my site. annoyed the hell out of me within seconds. snap needs to be put to death...

  14. Uh, did you read the earlier part of the thread, where I told you how to do that?

  15. TT -- For the link, see my post a couple above the one you responded to. :)

  16. Seems like snap is installed on all blogs. I wasn't a beta tester, and now snap is also on my blog. I will turn it of cause it is so annoying. You just have to go over it with your mouse and your whole post is covered with a silly previeuw that even doesn't show properly what is behind it (yeah, a picture).
    Most of the blog readers don't find it usefull and people who want that preview before they go there, they have to trust me instead, big deal. I have a proper blog, I post proper links and always check the reply's so that they won't post inproper links.

    Snap is snapped!

  17. At the moment, I'm with TT, onedayi, Ann and a number of posters on this. I turned off my Snap previews. It's just too distracting. Perhaps, if there was a way to isolate the Snap so that it occurs only on Blogroll or Link pages, they might be worth a shot. Turning it off for specific links is an option, but seems like too much work. I certainly don't want these things popping up when people are reading articles on my blog.

  18. How does Snap generate previews?
    How often are the previews updated?
    Can generation of a new preview be jumpstarted in any way?
    I have noticed that the preview of my site is from over a month ago.

  19. Personally, I hated it -- it is too distracting. I usually right click on things and then click on "Open in new window" and that is sometimes hindered when the "Snap" picture pops up. So I am very glad for the option to deactivate it.

  20. macroartinnature

    Well, sometimes "cool" turns out to be "not so cool" after all, (at least for me), but I do appreciate those who are behind the scenes and trying to make things a bit different from the norm.
    That I like seeing!

  21. Next thing we know they will be doing pop up ads. I have disabled my snap pretty snappily - it just adds to the bloat.

  22. I didn't even get into the beta. *sniff* :)

    It's now rolled out to all the blogs?!?!? I still don't have it on mine. *sniff* *sniff* :(

    edit: Oh wait. There it is. Gone to turn it off now.

    reedit: Announcement

  23. @factorypeasant
    snap just showed up suddenly this evening on my site. annoyed the hell out of me within seconds. snap needs to be put to death...
    *rotflmao* :D

    Just to demonstrate that I gave it a fair try I'm going to activate it on one blog for 24 hours.

  24. I really like it. If Snap makes it more enticing for my visitors to click the links of the medical and research resources I include, it's worth it. I also think it will help with navigation since some of my visitors aren't familiar with blogs and still have a little trouble getting around. On the other hand, if the majority who come to my site find the whole thing irritating, I will be forced to kill Snap in the most humane way possible. :)

    Thanks for giving it a shot. ;)

  25. I gave Snap Previews a try on all my blogs, although from the outset I didn't like it. My readers responded and within a couple of says I got their meassage loud and clear:
    Hat-tip to engtech for the lead to this article
    3 Reasons Why Snap Preview is Ruining Your Blog, and Hurting Your Readership

  26. I can see one good thing about it though. You can see if the page you're headed to is 404ing or filled with porno or somesuch like that.

    I can't get it to turn off in IE7 though. Kind of annoying. :(

  27. I'm surprised you can' shut it off in IE7. Gosh I thought it was such a superior browser being as that it's a microsoft product and all. One would think a geek could manipulate the dear thing into behaving.

    {She raised a single eyebrow ^ and said: OOPs! dear me. I guess I forgot that we weren't supposed to share our browser preferences, while mentally stroking her fox and thinking of bursting into an Opera aria.} lol;)

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