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    Shocking! They owe you a free trip to a conference. I think that’s obvious, don’t you agree?



    So those who are in the beta test for “snap” can opt to turn the thing off can they … hmmmm .. I’m tempted to leave some comments on some blogs like the ones drmike and I have endured.

    [And like you I believe he deserves and all expenses paid trip, a T-shirt, plenty of BBQ and accolades for all he does gratis.
    Who know what the future may hold? Now that Automattic is “monetizing” our free blogs with adsense maybe they will consider paying our Moderator for taking the burden off staff.]



    I love Snap and I’m grateful to have it on my blog.

    Snap adds depth and context to the articles I publish and I don’t have to send readers away from my site to prove our links and citations are working and valid.



    If “snap” was a paid upgrade would you buy in? {I’m not being flippant this is a serious question}.



    Right now you can turn it off (or on? worth a try) by going to Dashboard–>Presentation–>Extras.



    Hiya timethief!

    Oh, yes, I’d buy the Snap upgrade. I’d pay $20 a year for it.

    I love self-linking in articles because it points readers to old articles and they can get a taste and a feel for the old article just by looking at the preview.

    I think Snap! encourages reading older stuff much in the same way my Favorite Plugin Of All Time — Related Posts — did.

    I also enjoy knowing my site is slowly being index in its entirety by image snapshots in the Snap system so if folks link my articles elsewhere I know they’ll SNAP! right up on their site without waiting for queuing.



    hmmmm … I’m beginning to sense that if I had been one of the beta test group I might feel differently. I expect that if it is offered it will be in the form of a paid upgrade but who knows? Thanks for your enthusiastic response, boles. :)



    Well I personally like it, but I already know where those links go, so I bowed to the user cries of pain.



    timethief —

    I think it depends on the sort of blog you have. My blog tends to require a lot of proof in the posts and comments so we’re always wildly linking something as evidence beyond our own minds and so people can now check the link image first before deciding if they need to read all of the outside links or not and I get the sense with Snap! active they stay and keep reading instead of link lurking. My readers love it and so I love it, too!

    I only wish they’d enable Snap! for Comments and the Sidebar.



    Gotta admit that I would have liked to have a t-shirt. I’m going to try to pick one up when my next monthy check comes in. I did get a big donation for the laptop from Automattic though. Please remember that. :)

    Ryan made mention on one of the mailing lists something ‘along the lines of ‘We would like to hire more but we have to stay within a budget.’ My use of words,, not his.

    Pkus I look at all those folks in the forums who have been helping out for eons day after day. They would deserve any position more than I do. You folks have never seen the poor PHP coding crap I produce.

    Having said that, I’m surprised about the weekends off bit now. I know most of teh retail positions I’ve worked at, the managers would rotate the weekends so a different manager would be on duty for each weekend and they would rotate. Either that or get someone to only work the weekends. Having someone answer emails would be better than just letting them sit for a couple of days. Granted though Mark’s been answering mine. I really hate the idea of seeing him burnout.



    I really hate the idea of seeing him burnout.

    Me too. And that’s where I was coming from. :)


    Just noticed “snap” about 30 minutes ago, and I am trying to figure out if I like it or not.

    I have two sidebars on the right side.
    The first column I am using the “links” & “blogroll” widget thingys for various personal website links, and “snap” works just fine.

    In the second column, I used a text widget to list some Fine Art sites, and snap does not work on that list.

    So, either “snap” does not work with anything in my second column, or, “snap” does not work with anything listed inside a text widget?




    Snap is working in my Blogroll now but it isn’t working in my Comments yet.



    Snap was installed on my blog and I want it turned off ASAP.
    I don’t like, did not ask for and DO NOT like the fact it just showed up.
    My thanks to raincoaster for the headsup on how to turn it off. Interesting point though, the extras tab did not show up right off even after refreshing the page. After I bounced through my dashboard tabs a few times, bingo, it showed up and I turned it off.



    I noticed that it was working on the blogroll, which I think is pretty cool.



    When my cursor hovers over a link, there’s a little bubble that pops up with a Snap preview or something. I don’t like it and want it to go away…and also to go away for people who visit.

    Please instruct me how to turn it off. I don’t see the explanation from raincoaster….I’m a newbie here. This is my first forum request.

    Please Disregard the above.
    I’m sorry–I didn’t realize I missed the first whole page of discussion. I’m sorry I was chosen for the beta test when I turned out to be someone who immediately hated it…especially when others would have liked it. I found it *distracting*, but now that I read some of the explanations, I’m going to have to go back and think about it before turning it off.



    No biggee and thank you for coming back reading the thread again and posting your regret about missing the first page of discussion. :)


    I’ve decided to try it for a while. But I’d really like to turn if off for photos in my posts. No sense in a Snap bubble popping up to show a reader the photo s/he’s already looking at. On the Snap site they say you can turn it off for specific links by inserting a bit of code like this:

    But when I try that, it doesn’t turn it off. I’ve tried clearing cookies and reloading, tried putting the code in different places (WP moves it anyway when you put it where the Snap site says to put it). No luck. Anyone figured out how to turn it off for specific links?

    [EDIT] Hmmm, now I’ve been able to successfully turn it off on a different photo. I’ll have to see if there is something different about the two photos.



    As I understand it it’s all or nothing at this point. You either have it turned on or off.


    TT, no you can turn it off for specific links. I just figured out the problem and it was just that I had some stray code left in with the first photo that shouldn’t have been there. Just use the regular editor, not the WYSIWYG one, and insert the bit of code they mention on the Snap site. It works! :)

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