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sneaky adsense placement & text advertising

  1. Check this out for the most sneaky adversting imaginable:
    This can’t possibly be within their terms of service.

    $300 - $1,100 Every Day
    Deposited Daily Into Your Account Start Now, No Experience Necessary Get $500 within 3 Hours
    Not MLM and No Selling Fully Automated and Get Paid Daily
    Ads by Goooooogle

    Check out this site that links the Google Ads into their header. How sneaky is that?

  2. whose terms of service? adsense? it's well within those.

    people screwing each other over for myspace layouts? i'm having a hard time feeling sympathetic.

  3. Not sure you're allowed to integrate the ads so closely with your content that the two are indistinguishable, unless they've relaxed the rules since I signed up. (full disclosure: I have adsense on one of my domains, 'peanuts' would be an overstatement of how much it brings it.)

  4. the best i can find is:

    Publishers are not permitted to use deceptive or unnatural means to draw attention to or incite clicks on referral buttons


    (disclosure: gave up on adsense because less distraction was more important than peanuts.)

  5. Wank, I'll say this. I get a check every month for those sites I host that have the adsense on them. Takes about 300 clients on the program but I get a check at least.

    The sneakest I've seen is when they put up a pic around the adverts of a blond and she's like holding the sign.

  6. Deleted spammer and broke link in first post - drmike

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