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  1. teachthemasses

    I am loving this snow that we have now, but would love some falling turkeys- any chance?

  2. Turkeys?! That's a bit random?

  3. teachthemasses

    Christmas.....falling snow turkeys! Don't you think?!
    In UK we eat Turkey at Xmas- i know in the US the turkey is for Thanksgiving and you do a ham at either falling turkeys or falling hams.
    Come on WordPress!

  4. We eat them. They don't fall from the sky and hit people on the head. Which is a good thing.

  5. I'd rather have jelly bismarks if at all possible, as long as we're stating preferences.

  6. I like the snow. It's 36 degrees C here, or at least it was yesterday, and it never snows where I am. It's nice having something winter-y somewhere in my life :)

  7. Am I the only one who saw that WKRP episode?

  8. Probably, considering that I don't even know what WKRP stands for.

  9. I loved WKRP!

    As for the snow feature, snow CAN fly. It still ain't pretty.

  10. Its snow?
    *kicks self*
    l saw the white dots coming down and thought l'd caught something evil. l ran every kind of computer check l could.
    Snow you say.

  11. Snow... It's fine and dandy until you have to dig your car out of a drift of the stuff and then battle the morning traffic.

    /me is glad she doesn't drive and lives in a city where snow is usually a once a year event.

  12. The snow on main pages really sucks.

    It slows the system down dramatically. Chekced on Linux and Windows, in browsers: Firefox, Opera, IE, Konqueror.

  13. I agree with wpnotes, the snow definitely sucks. It is terribly distracting on a photo blog. Is there any way to turn it off?


  14. Yes, there is one method to turn it on... but only on your own blog. So, you can't switch off it on another one. Go to and turn it off 8)

  15. The slowdown is the only reason I dont' have it on my blog. As it's a dark theme with coloured backgrounds, it's perfect for snow. But I remember what it did to my old system and I feel for people with low RAM and slow systems, so I haven't turned it on.

  16. sandraromfogammelt

    I think they should have a Santa flying around in his raindeers on the mainpage instead of snow!!! Following the pointer or something (....Okey, that might be a bit enoying, but still... The cutness!!!)

    And btw: Why the hell put white snow on white background!! The only time I actually see it is when it covers up letters, so I get disturbed when reading something!!! Whoa!

  17. It's your fault, for not having a dark theme.

  18. Well, if they're gonna have snow, it should keep piling up as it makes it to the bottom. Where characters resembling wordpress staff are rolling it to create a cool snowman. Or cute little doggies are walking around making yellow snow....or kids making snowballs and throwing them at gravatars which resemble automattic's staff.

  19. i disabled my snow in light of some comments about it slowing loading time for ppl with older computers...
    i noticed myself if i had 3-5 instances of wp pages open w/snow it would temporarily freeze the browser...

    i agreee that it should pile up at the bottom- although that becomes tricky if you begin scrolling...

    in any case its a cool addition!

  20. Snow has been updated for better performance. It no longer collects at the bottom of the screen and only runs in open windows. This should help out with CPU performance.

  21. Thanks Mountain Dew, I'll give it another whirl.

  22. I had no idea mtdew referred to mountain dew. So, you have the mountain dew virus...

    I will also try the snow again.

  23. Hey, did you guys really update it because the snow still collects at the bottom

  24. Yes, it does still collect at the bottom....

  25. Forgot to bust the cache on the Javascript file. Old snow should be shoveled away now. Can you try a refresh?

  26. yep, its work now. Thanks Mountain Dew Virus :)

  27. was the snow collection what made the pages load slower or was it just the snow?

    im wondering if i should put it back on...

  28. I still decided to take it off. I figured, my header has a Santa Claus hat on it, so I think I have showed my love of the Christmas holiday enough already.

  29. teachthemasses

    No I am keeping the snow and have even imported a few reindeer and got rid of my donkeys in support of a WordPress Christmas............btw, any rumours of an Xmas party?
    I'll bring the turkey.

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