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    Hi, I’ve ticked the box to enable the snow falling, but I can’t see any! Why?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m able to see snow on your page.



    Can you please try clearing out your cache?


    How do I do that via an iPad?


    And by a laptop, where would I find them


    Ok worked it out via the laptop, clicked something (no idea what but it worked!!) but I’m stuck with the iPad, where do I find it via safari?



    Sorry for the delay.

    To clear the Safari Cache on your iPad complete the following steps:

    1: Go to the Settings App on your iPad
    2: Tap the Safari sub-menu
    3: Within the Safari menu, tap the “Clear Cookies and Data” button
    4: In the pop-up window, tap “Clear”
    5: Additionally, from this screen, you can close the Safari application (if it is already running) to ensure a fresh start
    6: Double tap home button
    7: Press and hold the safari App icon, hold until the icons begin to “jiggle” and the red minus overlay presents itself
    8: Tap the red minus overlay in the top left corner of the Safari application and tap the home button


    A red minus doesn’t appear, maybe because that’s because you can’t delete it? So what now?



    That’s ok. If you re-open Safari on your iPad are you able to see the snow?


    Nope :(



    I got in touch with our mobile team and they confirmed that the snow feature doesn’t work on mobile (including iPad). Sorry for the confusion.


    Hiya, that’s ok, but I find that a little annoying & out of touch, surely in this day & age of technology that should work, especially on these newest forms of technology?

    Thank you to you though for your help.



    We’ve registered your suggestion and will keep it in mind for future features and updates! Also, don’t forget the ideas forum, where you can discuss your suggestion with the community:

    Thank you.

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