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Snow a drag

  1. Hi there,

    Just for general info, in case you're finding the same problem... I turned the snow off, since it was slowing down my browser tremendously. (Firefox 3.0.4)


  2. Yeah, I have the same version of FireFox and I noticed its slowing my blog up, bu that also might be because of my computer.

  3. It will slow down any browser and system. The longer it runs, the more computer processor cycles it takes.

  4. seems to be fine for me, and ppl LOVE it, especially after we put up some christmas lights hehe. But seriously, I haven't noticed a huge drop or significant slow-down, and I'm using the latest FF3 update as well.

  5. Leave your browser running on your blog for about 3-5 minutes and then try to do something in your browser. You will find it has become very sluggish, and possibly won't respond at all and you will have to kill it.

  6. (Which is why I wish they'd turn off the snow on the blog. Just sayin'...)

  7. I simply stay away from any blog running snow. If it is snowing, I'm not reading.

  8. Yes, but we're missing all the WP.COM blog posts about the new dashboard. :p

  9. This is true. I'll just have to wait to read them until the WP winter is over.

  10. I love the snow!

  11. Snow is nice, but it is nicer outside and not on my blog. I read a blog for the content. Moving white objects that fall all over the text tend to disrupt my reading.

  12. hat to tell you, but my browser and blog run ALL DAY without a single hitch whatsoever mate. Running constantly with at least 3 tabs open at the same time and two browsers open at the same time, Safari and FF3.

    Nothing slows down whatsoever, ever thought it might just be your computer or something on your end rather than the snow.

    I have no qualms with the snow effect at all, it is NOT a blanket issue .

    And you can read the comments off without a problem as well. I seriously do not know what you're complaining about. As NONE of my 13 team members, running both lap tops, PC towers, and Macs have any issues with the snow, so it's not just my computer (new iMac) that doesn't have an issue.

  13. @ thesacredpath

    Not doubting your situation mate . .but I/we are at our site every day, I personally am at it for at least 12-14 hours per day if not more, and I, plus my team do not have an issue when we are in the sites viewable pages or when more than one of us are on the same page in the same room using a ireless connection off the same router.

    or if we are remotely connected and working on the site or reading the site.

    SO it's not a "blanket issue" per-se, and 'could' well be an issue on the users end rather than the Snow effect as such.

  14. Even if it is an issue on the users end, the point is that it is an issue which may be affecting your readers. Who is your blog for, you or them?

  15. True, but everyone I've had look at it seems quite happy with it, we've had "heaps" of complements from readers about it, with many coming back 'just to see the snow' . ..funny as it sounds. I've even had PM's sent saying that they 'love the snow' . . as we do make our site for our readers, and we have a solid rss feed ever month.

    It even works fine on my iPod Touch without any slowdown when viewing the site as a reader . . . I'm just saying, that it's not a blanket issue for all readers . . . so it would be a good idea to get some feedback from your readers, and if they don't have issues, and the site owner does, then there's an issue at the site owners end more than the readers end . . .wouldn't you agree?

    To this date, we've not had a single complaint about slowdown, and we get at least 20 plus comments a day on different posts from across the globe. Not a lot for some sites that have a lot more naturally, but a decent amount that could be having issues, but it 'seems' none are.

    SO the point is, that not everything is a fault 'across the board' . . so we need to look at various issues to rule other things out before making it the feature software's fault. WOuldn't you agree . .?!

  16. It's pretty clear to me that the snow is slowing things down, by a very simple process of elimination. But nobody's claiming it affects everybody. The point is that some combination of browser, computer (maybe it's a PC thing), or hardware is *often* causing the effect when the snow is on, or when you go to a WordPress site with snow...


  17. To sum up this thread:

    I like the snow!

    I don't like the snow!

    (Choose your own summary)

    In other words, it is a personal choice.

  18. Absolutely right, beemeister! Just like running autoplay music on one's blog, too.

  19. i just thought it was my computer, but now i realize, if i have several pages open w/snow my browser freezes for a bit

  20. Snow takes my browser process from 3 or 4% typically, to around 65 to 75%. That is a lot of computing going on.

  21. Yeah, I noticed it after a couple days, and took it off. I wanted it to work though, cuz I personally think it's a great novelty.

  22. It seems less processor intensive than last year, but still it slows things down considerably.

    As bee says, it's a personal choice. If you have a couple tabs with falling snow in your browser, other tabs will slow down. If you don't use tabs and only keep one active window open, then you might be alright unless like some of my friends, you have older slower computers.

  23. How does one turn off the snow???

    Theme is “DePo.”

  24. Go to appearance > extras and you can turn it off there. It should be off by default unless you turned it on. With DePo being basically all white, the snow won't really even show up.

  25. @ sacred, honestly I'm not concerned about me, as much as those visiting my blog.
    @Lorna on your left, fixed navigation bar go to appearance---> Extras----> "snow falling on blog"

  26. Visitors are always my concern too, and I know a lot of my friends are running 3 or 4 year old XP machines with IE 6 which can choke on pure HTML. If you throw in javascript, they are in real trouble.

  27. I haven't noticed an issue on my ancient laptop (you need an iron lap for that heavy thing!).

    I also haven't noticed an issue on my iPhone.

    I can only guess that it is either in peoples minds, in their computers set up, or a coincidence. If it doesn't slow down an iPhone or iron age laptop, then I find it hard to imagine it slowing much else down (I'm not saying people are wrong - I'm just saying I can't imagine it happening myself).

  28. I Don't mind the snow it's ok for me... :P my blog is full of snow

  29. Well right now, for arguments sake, I have 5 tabs open on my site viewing the home page in FF3 . . I have Safari open with 4 "windows" open at the site right now . . and if it's slowed down, it's marginal at best. So that would be judging it as a reader would times 9, yet running on the one computer.

    I then turned on my iPod touch, and went to the site, and it works fine . . . no slower than normal, and it's wirelessly connected to the same router bringing in the computer signals . . .

    So as it's been pointed out, it's not blanket thing, but more a persona thing, and those that visit 'our' site usually have decent comps (gaming) and almost all have passed favourable comments about the small, added feature, and it certainly doesn't stop anyone 'reading text', that's for sure. Unless of course you have a screen the size of a mouse . .but then, the iPod screen manages it just fine as it's scaled anyway.

    So yes, it is a personal thing, and yes, it 'could' affect some readers. But it's not a blanket experiences, and for us, it certainly doesn't affect any of our readers . . . if it did, we certainly hear about it, that's for sure. Gamers complain about the smallest thing, trust me on that one.

    We get an average of 2.5k unique views per day and a higher pages viewed, with a monthly average of 60k at the moment and growing. So if it was a problem for the readers, we'd certainly hear about it. We just keep getting PM's saying how nice it is and how "christmassy it is . . which I think is the main thing, making your readers feel "in the spirit of things" . . even though we have NO SNOW here in Oz hehehehe.

    Yes, it certainly may well affect some comps, and some systems, but not all, and certainly not a HUGE % of them, otherwise WP wouldn't even bother with the feature. NOt trying to cause a rift, just pointing out the 'other side' of things - that's all.

  30. Yes, but what's the point of running a SNOW script on a blog that is basically WHITE? I'm just saying that if WordPress.COM wants us to read the posts about the new dashboard on the WordPress.COM blog, why make some people suffer. It's not like WP.COM is running the script in the forums or support areas. (Thank goodness.)

    Just sayin'...

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