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Snow and settings

  1. Hi, the snow I signed up for is visible to everyone but me. I can see it if I'm logged out. Very disappointing - can you help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ugh, I thought I was emailing staff on this one. Anyone know how to contact the staff directly? They seem to have hidden this function now!

  3. support[at] though if you tag a thread with modlook staff will eventually see it.

  4. Awesome, thanks!

  5. I already marked your other thread with a modlook tag.

  6. I suggest you remove the modlook from this thread and subscribe to the first thread I modlooked.

  7. Sorry, what's a modlook?

    When I posted this I thought I was emailing the staff. Sorry, the support site is confusing to me. It used to allow emails to staff right from the website.

  8. Lol it's alright I was the one that tagged the thread for modlook, I've untagged it.

    A modlook is what you type into the tags to the right so it catches the staffs eye.

  9. Ah, good!

    I'm glad you and Timethief knows what's going on, I sure as heck don't. I should have stayed awake during computer class......

  10. Resolved! Some box on my Account page was unchecked. I didn't realize 2 check boxes needed to be completed to see it. Happy Solstice! :)

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