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    remove snow animation

    The blog I need help with is



    To disable see the very bottom of the page here > Settings > General
    Snow __ Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th.


    It’s always been disabled on the blog page itself. It’s showing up on the dashboard and other user pages and causes problems with the browser.


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    If you don’t want to see the animation on blogs which have enabled it, then go here:!/settings/


    I just want to get it off my own dashboard.


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    That link should take care of your dashboard as well.



    After you disable you will want to clear your browser cache so your aren’t viewing a cached copy >


    I have it disabled, yet it shows on the Stats page. No where else that I can find including the Dashboard so far, but I’d rather not see it anywhere.



    That’s interesting. I disabled snow as soon as I could on the first year it was introduced and that has held ever since. I tagged this thread for Staff.


    Yay! This is the magic setting that removed snow from everywhere:!/settings/

    Thank you 1tess!



    Do you still see it on your stats page?


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    You are welcome— Like timethief I’ve always from the first year had it disabled but I’d transferred one blog to another account so the setting didn’t “save” and I had to look around to get rid of it again.


    timethief–nope, it’s gone from everywhere.


    I also don’t like this animation – it’s bad for my eyesight…. I will try the above suggestion. thanks



    Thanks for your answer.

    You’re welcome.


    OK, apparently it is ENABLED on the account even if you have it disabled in the Dashboard Settings. This makes it visible on the Reader, Stats, My Blogs, Freshly Pressed, etc. tabs

    The box is checked (enabled) by default on the https: link posted above. Unchecking that disables it account wide once you refresh the affected pages.



    Wow, this is very interesting, because I want the snow on two of my blogs, and the settings say they are set for it, but I can’t get it on the blog itself. And when I go to my settings page now, I don’t see any options for turning it on or off either one.

    But there’s something else that’s weird too, and I’m wondering if it’s a problem unique to me. For some reason WordPress is making me sign in every single time I come to the site. Always before, whatever blog i was signed into came up without my signing in again. Anybody know what’s up — or is it possibly just something on my end?



    Well, I think the problems are fixed now. I just shut down WordPress completely for a while and then came back on. Things seem to be working almost normally now, and at least my Christmas blog has snow. Hurray!

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