'Snow falling' is disrupting my browser display – help?

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    The ‘falling snow’ on my browser is somehow disrupting my display. The lower scroll bar keeps jumping up and interrupting my view.
    I’ve disabled it in my own blog, but when I visit other blogs, like WordPress.com News I can’t read some lines because of this, which is annoying.
    Is there a way to somehow disable the snow falling just for me while I’m visiting the other blogs?
    Or if you can tell me why my browser is acting this way, I would like to fix it.
    Thank you.

    Windows xp/Chrome
    Blog url: http://apromontoryfirst.wordpress.com/


    Howdy, you can globally disable it at Users > Personal Settings. There’s a checkbox there toward the bottom for “Show falling snow on blogs where it’s enabled.”



    Thank you. It worked beautifully! :)

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