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snow feature

  1. When will the Snow feature come back ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We Volunteers don't have answers to questions like this one. The snow feature will be made available when Staff choose to bring it back. Watch for an announcement. See here for dates it was introduced in the past >

  3. wittylittlesecret

    Um ... it's snowing!

  4. wittylittlesecret

    Oh, and I can't seem to log off because I'm just staring at it. Does it actually hypnotize anyone else the way it does me? Ahhh, thankyou for my snow, WordPress. Thankyou!

  5. Here's a handy tip from Tellyworth from two years ago: will turn off snow for you on all blogs. will re-enable it.

    You must be logged in for these to work.

  6. Jennifer, thanks for posting the link so I could turn off the snow. It absolutely swallows huge chunks of processor power.

  7. That's exactly why I bookmarked that thread from two years ago. :)

  8. Thanks for that link Jennifer - I'm off to disable it now. :)

  9. SNOWWW! :)

  10. I have the snow on my Christmas blog and it causes a scrollbar to appear and flicker at the bottom of the screen. Also the sidebar flickers.

    This doesn't happen without the snow. I have a new fancy hi-speed computer and it was OK last year with my ancient computer on its last legs.

    Am I the only one this is happening to?

  11. Please report your issue directly to Staff and include all details >

  12. Thanks, I'll see what they say.

  13. :) :) i seen white dots lower down my screen and i thought i would have to go and get 2 tablets for a headache

    then i seen the top and remembered it was snow :) i might turn it off :(

  14. @Harry
    There are forum posting problems. Do not click "submit" more than once - wait for the page to load please.

    Appearance > Extras is where you can disable Snow.

  15. That will disable it appearing on your blog.

    If you want to disable it *for you* also on blogs that you visit, make sure to click on the top link holidaysun=please in my reply above or in the News Blog post just announced.

  16. I love the snow on my blog. However, along with the snow, is a very distracting scroll line on the bottom of page. It is constantly sliding back and forth, as well as blinking on and off. I don't know if this will happen when someone visits the blog. Is it possible to have the snow without that distracting scroll line at the bottom of the page?

  17. A member stopped by my page, apparently to see the problem I mentioned in my post. By that time, I had discontinued the snow, while waiting for a response. Does the snow need to be on in order for you to see the problem? If so, sorry about that. Thank you for stopping by. After I get a response, I will proceed as instructed.

  18. Apparently, it's necessary to have the scroll bar at the bottom of the page, whenever the snow is enabled. I have been to other blogs, and I see the same thing. I consider my question resolved.

  19. Thanks for letting us know that your issue is resolved.

  20. i have turned my snow function on, but i don't see it when i visit my blog... it's the one linked from my user name.

  21. ok how odd, the snow is back!

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