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snow--how can i keep it?

  1. The snow on blogs is supposed to go away shortly. We really like the snow and it is totally appropriate for what we do; many people have commented on how perfect it is a for ski trail report blog, without realizing that I didn't program anything fancy, I just put a checkmark in a box. Is there a way to keep the snow code in our blog's CSS? (We do have the edit CSS option and I did save a copy of the current CSS with the snow falling.) I have searched for plugins to add our own snow, but they all seem to be for Since the snow can be so easily truned on and off, it would be nice if WordPress just left it as an available option. Can I put it back in after they turn it off?

  2. I'm sorry but you can't keep it. The announcement clearly stated that it would be gone on January 2nd and it's gone. The CSS option has nothing to do with the falling snow. It's achieved with javascript and we cannot use that on our blogs. Once every year during the holiday season Staff make this option available and that's it.

  3. Also note that we cannot have individual plugins on blogs This is a multiuser blogging platform

  4. OK, I understand why WordPress cannot have users inserting their own javascript and I also understand that yes, indeed, WordPress announced that the snow would be available for a limited time. "Clearly stated," yes. I get it. Once every year. I get it.

    What I don't get is why. Why not let it be an option that the user chooses to turn off and on for the rest of the year? It's WordPress's javascript, WordPress controls it--why not let it be on at the user's option? Obviously, based on the number of posts asking about turning the snow off, it isn't a hit with everyone. But it was a great addition for us and frankly, by the time they turn it off January 4, it's only just begun to snow in real life in many places! Why not at least let it be available through winter?

    Just sayin'.

  5. It will be spring soon...

  6. I suspect it uses a lot of resources. (It certainly slows down most computers.)

  7. "It will be spring soon... " says Wesleysoccer.

    Ha! Maybe where you live. We will probably still get (real) snow in May. It's too soon for the virtual snow to quit!

    But as far the question goes,thanks for the answer, Vivian. I can understand that it might be a resource hog. And while it doesn't slow down my computer, perhaps it would be affecting the computers of some of our readers. I always appreciate a WordPress answer that doesn't make me feel like I was just yelled at by my 3rd grade teacher.

  8. @mcsue
    I said January 2nd above but should have said January 4th. FWIW I do have a install on my own domain as well and I could have the falling snow script on my blog. There are different versions of script that produce different sizes and styles of "snow". Below are links to examples of what is available for installs on out own domains. Fellow bloggers told me they tried it and got rid of it because it was a resource hog that slowed down page loading time for their readers. This blogging platform is an multiuser platform so individual plugins are not going to happen. At present there is one universal plugin and that is Akismet.

  9. It's not exactly an Alaskan flurry, but you know, after some time these white specs start to IRRITATE, they momentarily 'block' dark letters and I feel like wiping the monitor screen all the time...
    I also requested for a longer snow period, but now I think that a couple of weeks are more than enough, thank you.


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