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Snow not working

  1. I enabled the snow, and it worked for a few days, but now it is not. I miss my snow! I've tried turning it off and on again with no results -- any other ideas? I see it on other blogs, so I think my computer isn't blocking it all of a sudden.

  2. I see snow on the blog linked to your user name. Are you talking about a different blog?

  3. No, it's one linked to my username. I still don't see the snow, but if other people see it, I will have faith! Thanks for looking.

  4. Oh, there it is! I guess I was just being impatient and not giving it enough time to load.

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow . . .

  5. There's no snowing on my blog, although I just saw a lot of check-offs in 'Snow on screen'. Also see no cats and dogs. There's not even a slight drizzle.

  6. Can we get a link to your blog, starting with http?

  7. Sorry, I didn't expect a reaction!...

  8. Now, if I shake my laptop very hard, there's a short blizzard

  9. What happens when you turn it upside down and shake it? Does the screen refresh?

    Also, you haven't enabled snow. So you don't get any. It looks awesome on the Dusk theme.

  10. Have you checked the box in your dashboard (under Appearance - Extras)? The snow is not automatically enabled.

  11. <i>What happens when you turn it upside down and shake it? Does the screen refresh?</i>
    All my jpegs fell out!

    I searched in Screen's working now, and you're right, lovely. Thanks for the tip!

    The snow is lasting until the end of the first January week, I read somewhere. Can it be prolonged? Till February the 1st?

  12. Only if you put your laptop in the freezer.

  13. why isn't the snow piling up on the bottom of the screen anymore?

  14. I don't think the snow ever piled up on the bottom of the screen. It does that outside my window.

  15. No, it did. Now it doesn't because that was one of the factors contributing to it slowing down people's blogs, and staff edited the software so it doesn't do that anymore.

  16. thanks raincoaster

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