Snowfall in JS allowed on WordPress?

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    I remember back in December when WordPress added the snowfall effect to WordPress blogs. Well, I have found the code for it and would like to know if I can permanently add it to my blog. It is indeed Javascript as you read in the topic title.

    Thanks, Hellopayton.



    Hey Hellopayton! It is not something that you can add to your blog year round as the Javascript will be indeed stripped. I believe it will be back in December, but not likely before ;)



    Why don’t you add animated snow to your header. Click Animation at the top and then Snowfall. Or if that’s not the right kind of snow, then try a few of the other animators on the web. Or maybe put animated snow on a tile and then full tile it throughout the background of your blog if you have CSS. But that might make your page harder to load for others.

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