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  1. hautecoutureforever

    cheak out my blog!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No.

  3. hahaha...cant check out either of your blogs cause you didn't link your name to your blog.

  4. One ..or two people's mistake is my chance to shine !!


  5. Check mine! LOL this thread fails

  6. no check mine....

  7. why not mine??

  8. Breaking news: The Alamo has fallen to the Mexican Army!

  9. Check mine! It's cool! Just click my name!!!

  10. pornstarbabylon

    yellaojrak, your name doesn't click. Go into your dashboard and add your blog url starting with http into where it says Contact Info. Click Update Profile at the bottom and you're set.

  11. She knows. She's just mocking n00bs!

  12. LMAO!!

  13. [url=]lol[/url]

  14. "Breaking news: The Alamo has fallen to the Mexican Army! "

    Don't worry Kstafford. I just heard that Hillary Clinton has just sent the FBI to negotiate the Mexican surrender.

    Or was that the Somali pirates?

  15. Fail topic! For more fails check my blog. :)

    Random, because that's what life is.

  16. So, check out mine to see what-a-mess one can bring upon Sandbox 10!

  17. And no one needs any url just to tell :D

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