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So Called Social Bookmarking Effect

  1. technologyunit

    Hi I am wondering how may users have experienced the so called Social Bookmarking Effect... Similar to Digg and Slashdot effects, I got hit by the Stumbleupon effect which is an exponential effect. That means unlike Digg and Slashdot where your blog may show up on the homepage, it is shown to people as people submit and click I like this. The more it is liked the more people are shown. This started on Thursday night and continued until today. On friday I received so much traffic in such a short time my blog went offline for approximately 30Seconds, and I was unable to access the wp-admin for and additional 5minutes while WordPress assigned more resources to my blog. The effect was not a huge effect but it is a long lasting effect as it is exponential. on friday I got to 1008 hits. 700 of those hits in less than 5 hours.

    Has anyone had a similar situation present itself? and what is your average traffic?

  2. I wish.... haha!

  3. technologyunit

    I only wish it continued longer than a day and a half...

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  5. That would be awesome to be 'Stumbled Upon!' I've only recently started blogging, but how do I see if my blog get's Stumbled Upon? I feel like my posts are well thought and well written. Thanks for the post!

  6. technologyunit

    Go to your statistics and look in the referrals... You can start yourseft of by signing up and stumbling yourself... After that it is all luck whether you ever get stumbled again.

  7. lettershometoyou

    If you stumble yourself you get found out and blacklisted. My advice is don't do it. Build a community of friends there if you want to get stumbled.

  8. lettershometoyou

    Another thing about the spike in hits from places like Digg, SU, etc. It's rare that anyone actually comments. You get the impression they were there for all of three seconds each, and the stats plummet back to the usual by the time it's all over.

    What I found satisfying though was being on the wordpress front page a couple of times. WordPress bloggers took the time to leave comments.. It was a welcome surprise.

  9. I actually have not yet initiated a StumbleUpon icon for sharing blog posts...simply because I wondered just how much it is used.

    I've never used Stumbledupon. Anyone else? Is that for desperate searching or what? Or just serendiptious browsing.

    I guess lettershometoyou you are referring to the front page of WordPress as people finding you under a WordPress tag or is it 'Freshly Pressed'.

  10. lettershometoyou

    I guess by wordpress front page I meant freshly pressed. Front page is what they used to call it, I think.

    All the cool kids are on Twitter though, aren't they?

  11. @maidebike
    I choose not to be as active as I was in stumbleupon as I once was because what one experiences when a post is stumbled is a flood of one hit wonders who click in and out never to return again. Consequently, you can end up patting yourself on the back for what? For mucking up your actual stats.

  12. Someone Stumbled a post of mine once and it got 400 views in five minutes. It only got 300 more the rest of the day, though.

    My Banksy in Birmingham post got stumbled and got over 30,000 hits that day.

  13. A lot of my social media platforms require chance and a lot of time. I have none but I focus a bit on Twitter and Facebook. Stumbleupon, I've used once or twice and I didn't go crazy. Someone described Digg a suicide for a company.

  14. pornstarbabylon

    I only have the Twitter & email buttons on my new second blog. Every other social network will ban you for linking to me. So I just have Twitter. And they're like my biggest referrals to my new blog. And I'm too lazy to promote anywhere else & tired of getting banned. So I only promote on Twitter.

  15. Actually you won't get punished for stumbling your own site as far as I can tell. I had been posting my posts onto it, but it never worked well. I never stumble posts any more and when others do it it tends to work better. You probably will get blacklisted for never using stumble for anything else. I of course believe that you do know what you talking about and I don't plan on stumbling my own work but how would they know that I did. IP back trace? It doesn't matter.

    I also have to comment that the one hit wonder thing is true but the exposure is more important especially if searching for the title of your site brings up the site on the first page. My experience was that after the intial spike was over my search queries jumped. Sorry if I didn't finish anythoughts I am in a rush.

  16. Yes, if some people report you Stumble can actually suspend your account. It happened to a blogger here recently. Same as at Digg. At Reddit, they actively downvote your posts, however good, if you post them yourself.

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