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    at present my wordpress blog has pages which is fine.

    i created the home page to be static with a slideshow on it which is also fine.

    my blog should be pointing to my blogger ( but its pointing to my artworks.

    i have two problems here (well 3 really).
    1. i want my blog page to point to ginas eye
    2. what/where is current blog (of all artworks) come from? i created this a while ago and need to know coz i like the page but it should be some other page? like at the portside gallery perhaps … or even just ‘all artworks’ page
    3. my shop page should open straight into my big cartel (it used to) but it doesnt now …

    i think things changed when i went looking for another theme.

    any help, as always, is much appreciated and the simpler the better for me.

    thanks >>> Gina

    The blog I need help with is



    You cannot configure a blog to use blogger software. You can link to your blog if you want, in a custom menu or text or link widget.



    yes …. i did have my blog linked to my wordpress …

    changed theme and its gone .. and i cannot get it to link back to it

    plus its thrown up those other problems … thanks for starting off the replies



    ok … an update so you know i solved it … and for your information

    it had something to do with the menu – i ticked ‘theme locations’ in menus and that put everything in place it seems. everything looks spot on again ! … thanks >> Gina

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