So confused about pages!!

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    I want to create a welcome page. i did that and made it my static page. but when people view my site, how do they get from that welcome page to my posts? i’m so confused! thank you!




    Create a blank second page labeled something like Posts and point Dashboard -> Options -> Reading -> “Show the latest posts on this page” to that second page.



    Thanks for the question and the info. I’ve been thinking about a static page for a future blog and kind of wondered how it worked. Am I right to assume that having blog posts on a “back” page won’t affect the RSS feeds?

    I might as well use this space to express my absolute love for I’ve tried practically every blogging platform in the universe, and this one is so far ahead of the competition, there’s really no comparison. I never dreamed that anything for free could be so good.



    It won’t affect your feeds at all.
    The FAQ – – has a page (three in fact) and the posts from that are read by a few through the feed.

    Different themes will have different ways of displaying links so try a couple and see how you go :)

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