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So confused. Tags? Avatar?

  1. New here and finding it more complicated than I expected. Could someone please explain tags to me? Do we add our own or are they attributed by others? I tried to add tags to my site with no success even though I have the widget.

    When I clicked support re avatar I get a definition but no explanation of how to add one. There doesn't seem to be an overall resource that explains the "how-to's" of everything....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. polloplayer
    When you ask a question in the forums, please provide a link to your blog:
    We need to be sure you are in the right forum, and sometimes we can't answer your question accurately unless we take a look at your blog.
    Or link your name to your blog:
    "2. How to make your name link to your blog:
    Go into your dashboard -> users -> your profile -> then scroll down to 'contact info'. In the spot where it says 'website' fill in the address of your blog and save the changes.
    Now... when you comment here and on other blogs, your name will link to your blog. If you do this before you post your request for help, it will allow forum volunteers to be able to help you quicker since they won't have to ask you for a link and wait until you come back to post one."

    You will add tags or categories to your posts when you write them, or edit them. No categories will appear in your category widget until you assign at least one post the a category. You can choose whatever words or phrases you like to be categories. Don't assign more than 12 categories + tags per post, or you will be excluded from global tags.

  3. polloplayer
    Gravatars and avatars are the pictures that you see here in the forum next to each post. To get a custom gravatar for yourself, on your dashboard choose "users" (the icon that looks like a couple of people). Select "your profile." On that page there is a big square on the right that indicates "change your gravatar." Try that first, but lots of people have been having trouble with that here, so go directly to:
    You'll want a square picture, preferably 128px by 128px
    It will take some time for it to appear, first in the forums, then across the internet.
    Test it here:

  4. You should be logged in to your account when you visit

  5. Thanks so much. I was trying to add tags on my dashboard where the tag box is displayed but nothing happened.

    I don't understand that categories at all. I tried to add one but it looks as if they have to be approved first.

    I'm going to look at other blogs and maybe reference them specifically as far as what I'm trying to do.

    It would be nice if there were blog mentors and a detailed "how to" for everything. If I ever figure out how to do any of this, I'll volunteer!

  6. Go to your dashboard and edit your post:
    "We're getting chickens"
    The editor takes up most of the screen, but there is a "Categories" module and a "Post Tags" module. If they are just bars with titles, the click the arrow on the right to make them drop down. At the bottom of the categories module, it says,"Add new category" so click the + sign. Then type in "chickens" or whatever. The Tags module is similar, but you only have to delete and type in a different word, say, "rancher."
    Update your post.

    The category "chickens" should appear in your categories widget.
    To see your tag, add a tag cloud widget.
    Try this link:

  7. Should say "The Tags module is similar, but you only have to delete the words "Add new tag," and type in a different word, say, "rancher."
    Update your post."

  8. Ahhhhhh. Now I get it! THANK YOU!

  9. Great!
    Now, are you going for the avatar/gravatar right away or will you bask in your success? ≥^,^≤

  10. Here are some beginnner resources:

  11. I cant get my Gravitar to change I have tried emptying my cache and uploading it again and still nothing it is still the first picture I uploaded (me in the hat) . Also probably a stupid question but when i go to where you can test your gravitar all i see is a square purple swirly picture... can some help me please? I am lost

  12. Sounds like you're changing two different things. Your Blavatar is the girl in the hat. Your gravatar is not set yet. You must go to your personal Profile Page and upload the Gravatar there in the top right-hand corner.

  13. Okay I will try that thank you for your help. :)

  14. I changed the gravitar on my Profile page and it shows up on the page as my gravitar however i do not think it is showing up anywhere else. Also a little confused I thought that the Blavitar and gravitar were the same picture. where do i go to change the Blavitar? totaly new at this sorry for all the questions.

  15. Always try a search of the FAQ; most of the questions have already been answered there already:

  16. Sorry to be a bother but I still cant seem to get my gravatar to work... I see it on my profile page where it says choose a gravatar, I uploaded it i checked the email but it still does not show up on any comments I leave. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong its driving me crazy that I cant figure this out. I have gone to many forums as well as the FAQ page for answers but as far as I can tell I am doing everything correct. please help if you can

  17. quincygirl
    Try this:
    Log into your account, then go directly to
    You should be able then to upload your 128px by 128px image there. Give it time to propagate.
    Test it here:

  18. Thank you I will try this... :)

  19. Hope it works. Happy blogging.

  20. It finally worked thank you for your help... have a great day!

  21. err...hello..?
    I'm (quite) new here.

    I want to put a custom avatar. I've searched in the forum and in faqs regarding uploading a custom avatar.
    most answers shows either : to edit avatar options in discussion setting, to upload gravatar. but I only want a gravatar.
    or is it the new standard currently? gravatar instead of avatar?

    pardon me, this might be a stupid question but by myself, I can't upload a custom avatar.


  22. oh, by the way, I'm asking on behalf of my other blog/username. refer to
    seems that I can't find the option to upload my custom avatar there.

    silly me.
    thanks again

  23. Gravatar = avatar.

    And then there are blavatars [the little icons in the broser address bar]:

  24. To up load your Avatar I recommend Pointing your browser
    at Gravatar - Globally Recognized Avatars It it doesn't show you logged in
    you'll need to use your login information.

  25. oh so that's it!
    thanks guys, for pointing me to the right direction.
    salud to the ever helping moderators! salud!!

  26. lol bravatars who made that name up. They are originally called a favicon. Blavatar is silly and what does bl stand for anyway?

  27. @pengume

    Blavatar → = → Blog Avatar

  28. pengume
    Who made that name up? Guess it was

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