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    What is the difference between and I saw that you can download wordpress or create a blog for free at I read somewhere that you can’t use ads on wordpress blogs. I’m confused. I just want to set up a couple of blogs and monetize them eventually. Help please.



    Okay, I see now. I have a blog that is hosted by WordPress. If it is hosted by WordPress then I am not allowed to use ads?



    Okay, can I delete this stupid question!!??


    That is correct. In the future, using ads may be available to us through a paid upgrade as revealed in the last paragraph on the features page: . If having ads is important to you then you can get a webhost and self-host a blog using the software from .

    If you have not seen it, here is a good description of the differences between .com and .org:


    Not a stupid question, and sorry, no you cannot. You can however mark it as “resolved.”



    {waving to thesacredpath}
    You may also want to read this description of the differences found in the FAQs

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