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So, google knol told me to migrate to wordpress annotum, « export file requested

  1. So, google knol told me to migrate to wordpress annotum; meanwhile wordpress insists « export file requested », never getting to « export file generated ».

    Is my migration blocked by border patrol?

    Most of the instructions on each website are far beyond my comprehension.

    Thank You,

    DonFphrnqTaub Persina

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've got the same problem. I can download my Knols to a file, but I can't transfer my 269 articles to annotum. I tried it several times. The theme of my wordpress-website has changed to the annotum theme and I have to reinstall my widgets :-(

  3. When you ask a question in these forums, please either link your username to your blog under Users->Profile or give us a direct link, starting with http. It gets answers faster.

    For the OP: is the problem at Google Knol? It sounds like it's not generating the export file in the first place, so you have nothing to import. We can't help with issues on Google's side.

    This is all we volunteers in the forum know:

    First, set the theme to annotum. Then try the import. If your Knol export is very large, you may have to break it up into chunks to import it.

  4. That does not match any of the options.

    The only link is:

    « Export your knols to Annotum on »,

    which links as:

    < >,

    & the only choices are the default of

    « Annotum Base »


    « Annotum Sans ».

    I do have no idea of the difference;

    but, when attempting a new function,
    I, typically, try the default,
    unless I have a specific objection.

    There are no size options;

    a google registration is required to see.

    There is « Create a new siteorSelect one of your existing sites »,

    which should paste as « Create a new site or Select one of your existing sites ».

    < >

    < >

    < >

    DonFphrnqTaub Persina

  5. My Knol-articles are in a file now. The transfer to a file, the export is possible.

    Is it possible to import automatically my articles from a file to annotum?

  6. There are only jpeg, gif and firefox document files in the file with the knol-article. There is a possiblity to import files in wordpress. Which one have I to choose:

    Movable Type and TypePad
    Yahoo! 360

  7. My file has 539 files and 20,4 MB

  8. Hi everyone,

    We volunteers are completely unfamiliar with the process for bringing knol over to wordpress, and know just what was in the announcement. What I've done though is to tag this thread for staff attention and hopefully they will be around shortly to give you some support on this.

  9. Thank you, thesacredpath!

  10. You are welcome, and just hang in there and they will get all of you safely over here.

  11. altacaliferne, with everyone jumping ship, it's possible that there could be a bottleneck on Knol's end. Would you mind trying again tomorrow?

    andreaskemper, there's no direct Knol import on this end. You need to initiate the transfer by exporting from Knol's end.

  12. Please also see this thread, now stickied at the top of the Support forums.

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    No puedo exportar mis knols. WordPress se detiene en el paso 2 EXPORT FILE REQUESTED . ¿Qué hago? ¿Me pueden ayudar, por favor? Mis knols son muchos y muy grandes. ¿Tiene eso que ver?

    I can not export my knols. WordPress is stopped in step 2 EXPORT FILE REQUESTED. What do I do? Can you help me please? My knols are many and great. Does that have to do?

  15. Justjennifer: thank you very much. Have a nice weekend

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