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So have I been splogged or am I overreacting?

  1. So I just made this a few MINUTES ago:

    when all of a sudden I get this pingback:

    K so the website is in ... There are no ad's so maybe I am overreacting... I got a bit suspicious though when I tried to send them a comment to ask them to give me an explanation (ey whats up, thanks for linking me but my name is not mohhamed...) but it said "i needed to log in to wordpress" which confused me cuz I am logged in wordpress... (Unless needs seperate log in?)

    What should I make out of this? There seems to be "3503 MATH" categories (and my blog was put under math so I am guessing all those "math" blogs are just copies from 3502 other people....

    Any advice would now be ESPECIALLY APPRECIATED!! :)


  2. PS. I am not angry or anything so sorry if I sound like that in the above post... I am however curious/anxious/confused and I want to get down to the bottom of this :)

  3. You've been splogged, but probably within the boundaries of the law. That's a very small quote they took. And the program or human being is obviously quite incompetent. I wouldn't worry about it.

  4. I believe such stuff is done to deceive search engines and build PageRank to use later for AdSense spamming.

    The HTML source shows that Adsense Plugins are enabled on the blog, but configured not to show anything yet.

  5. yes, it is Page Rank Matter. I am used to copy breaking news (i am not forget to insert the source url link) from other Indonesian Famous News Portal, without realize that my action is very good for my blog to appear on Google's first page.

  6. Raincoaster :Lol... I was feeling a bit invincible for the first 2 weeks of no one stealing my content... Funny thing is that I just placed a bunch of "do not copy, creative commons blahblah" under every post... Haha the irony!

    Understandably it is a small quote that they took and they did link me to it so yeah... Could they have gotten my nickname right at least GEEZ! LOl

    Oh one more point: The pingback came as a "akismet spam--->awaiting your decision".. Would that have been a clear sign that I got splogged or do some innocent pingbacks get placed in the akismet spam as well?

    deltafoxtrot: Ah so they are probably building up their page and when they have enough viewers unleash all their ad's to make some money? I will keep an eye out for it to see what they do..

    Hmmm in other developments: I had a look at the whois report and it says that they are based in california.. But I am guessing this is the IP house/domain/server??!/etc?/ and these offenders are probably located somewhere in russia?

  7. I meant at first i was not aware its use.

  8. beritaheboh: do you mean that we as bloggers if we were to link news articles and such in our blogs while discussing certain things, google lifts our page rank? In comparison to someone say who just writes about his life and stuff?

  9. @ pkayski

    FYI, when i used surf anonymously, and other similiar website, i am unable to login

  10. well at least the above guy got my name right :)

  11. ................................Actually no he didnt.... he gave my name someone else and gave me a random name Ok now I think I am going to do some SPLOG HUNTING ROARRRR lol..

    PS. Forums need a modify button... :( :( ..Sorry..

  12. @ pkayski

    i guess, google not smart enough :), this machine thinks that same title post on Indonesia famous portal such as or (kompas alexa rank is 3,000) and later on my blog (my alexa rank last month about 200,000, now 75,000) are the same ( i copy all title percisely as same as source portal/website without any intention as first).

    what the funny is:
    - day one, famous site such as ( have news "bla... bla .... ", it is appear on google first page
    - day two, I copy such story, in about three days my page show up in fist page too, some times higher position and took just one day to appear.
    - day seven other blogger copy "my post", and later they post appear in higher position than my post

    may be indonesian database is still not managed orderly, so i can "manipulate" Google Search.

    dont forget "submitexpress" each your post url as soon as you published.

    read my article here:

  13. Thanks for your help beritaheboh... yeah it is quite interesting how all this google ranking and stuff works.. :s

    Hmmm ok.. so for both of those sites I do not see any contact (but I guess I am not surprised..)

    Next step would be to contact the host right? How do I go about finding out who the webhost is? (Is it in my WHOIS report?)

  14. Next step would be to contact the host right? How do I go about finding out who the webhost is? (Is it in my WHOIS report?)

    @ pkaysky:

    what for? patent diea :)

    whois is can be manipulated too, i have ever did it. nobody is having duty to check / supervise the fake whois (so far i know in Indonesia), unless your website is terrorist/drug dealer or child pornography., as i checked in just now, is having so low traffic (same as your blog) -- no offense dude :)

    Keep Blogging .... it is different between writting (blog) and "the traffic seeker". I am the later.

  15. ;)..... The things you can find with GOOGLE! :)

  16. (After finding this forum link I shall place this as resolved and I shall persue the sploggers in time)

    Thanks again everyone for all the excellent help!

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