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So I can't download plug-ins if my blog is hosted by

  1. i don't have plug in tab on my dashboard.

  2. Since you've only been here for three days and your username on this forum isn't clickable, do you host your own site? Because if you host your own site, then you should ask at the forum:

    Our free blogs here at run under a different software.

  3. You are correct. Here's the relevant FAQ entry:

  4. Poster is here at We don't have access to adding in our own plugins here as we don't have ftp access as it's a security risk.

  5. does anyone know is this will be available any time soon??

    thx ;)

  6. It's been covered many times. It will not be implemented ever. It's just too complicated under the multi-user environment that runs on and is a security risk to other users among other things.

  7. Technically speaking, you can download any plugins you like. You just can't install them on your blog, ever.

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