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So, is ALL of WordPress down?

  1. Just wondering if it's just a few blogs that are down right now or what. Mine is dead, both from and . At least the Forum is back.

  2. Yes, some maintenence which was unplanned since it was so out of the blue...

  3. i cant get to my dashboard even though my blog is up. :\

  4. It looks like it's going to be a long 46 minutes until I can get into my dashboard.

    "Sorry for the lack of notice, but we are performing some maintenance. Your dashboard is going to be unavailable for 46 mins."

  5. o.O I think we'll live...

  6. finally 20 more minutes!

  7. Please see the sticky topic on this issue:

  8. I read the sticky but my blog is not online so I assume that the power outage has affected some of the blogs as well.

  9. Barry updated: he's investigating.

  10. youngragingbull

    It appears the time to get access to my dashboard is first it said 40 mins, then 20, then 5, and now it's 8...

  11. Wow I couldn't access for like 20mins so I just started
    to play some GTA IV with my cousin to pass some time by...

  12. I couldn't access wp for an hour, so I did my laundry.

  13. Ah, so that accounts for my cursing at the PC last night. I had wondered. Since it was near bedtime, I just shutdown and went to sleep.

  14. Notice would have been nice, Linden Lab, company who run Second Life's Blog was down, for ages. Not good... lol Also today when I looked I couldn't find anything mentioned about the DownTime.

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