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So many numbers..............

  1. I was reading the thread about "So many passwords" and the topic of So many numbers popped into my brain.

    I have long thought just give me one damn number at birth and I can use that for EVERYTHING later on.

    Look at all the numbers we are given (and end up with a card in our wallet for most of them). My husband can't believe how many cards he has accumulated since coming to Australia!

    Tax file number
    Medicare number (not the USA version, different)
    Health Insurance Number
    Car/house/contents etc insurance number
    Citizenship grant number
    Passport number
    Driver's licence number
    Superannuation number
    Employee number

    Then there are the myriad of other numbers, like bank accounts, membership numbers, etc etc etc etc etc

    I want less numbers in my life.

    Thoughts, anyone?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Interesting that you brought this up. I've been contemplating a post about numbers. I was going to scrap the idea but, seeing this, I'll take it as a sign to write it straight away.

    It's funny that you say this because you are also fascinated by numbers, specifically, statistics--right? I guess it all depends on how the numbers are used. But, I agree with you. Too many damn numbers to remember.

  3. I can remember them yet, cause I'm young with fresh brain. But in the future when I'll be old (like Teamo) I'll not be able to remember them but there will be a great favor for me,

    Retina scanning will be the best alternative in the near future :p

  4. @hnsaifi - I can't figure out if you are trying to be funny or if you are really just mean. If it is the former it is not working very well. If you dilike us all this much why are you here?

  5. Whom I dislike?
    How did you conclude that?
    I had serious quarrels with many people (also here) But I don't hate anyone.(except one).

  6. I just have so many numbers I don't remember. There are only three numbers that I can remember; my mobile phone number, house phone number and my student ID for college. Everything else just doesn't stick. I can never remember bank numbers and pin codes. Numbers just ain't my thing XD

  7. @hnsaifi and readytochangenow - I took it as humour, but then us Aussies have a weird sense of humour anyway! Besides, it was payback!

    @Momfog - I'm looking forward to that post of yours! I love being "inspiring"! :)

    @Idleemma - I forgot totally about phone numbers! I find we never remember any of them any more as they are all in our trusty mobiles!

  8. @teamoyeniyi
    This may be of interest > KeePass >

  9. I still haven't memorized my postal code. Nor have I remembered my work number.

  10. Sorry, not actually the one I wanted to post, but fascinating nonetheless. THIS is the relevant one.

  11. Where is Invisible Micky? He will LOVE that!!!

  12. @Raincoaster
    Youtube video, Superpower
    Superpowers Hahahaha.

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