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So many passwords

  1. I use many services like Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Yahoo, Skype, WordPress, blogger, google, and many more. I had a different password for everyone. It was quite difficult for me to remember so many passwords so I changed them all into one password for all. But it is not a safe thing to do. Is there anything best I can do?
    This reminds me a joke here
    Once there was a person who always forgot the password of his computer. He was much annoyed of his disability. Then he found a great solution. He changed his password to "incorrect". Now whenever he forget his password computer tells him your password is "incorrect" itself.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My suggestion is to make a list folder of all the passwords but don't forget to zip that folder with password :)
    Another one is to change the same password you have as google****** for google, facebook****** for facebook and so on.(****** stands for your previous password).

  3. Good idea, of not to bother much about it. Go to hell so many passwords. One password for every account was the best idea.

  4. aaroncohenphotography

    If you have chrome, get the LastPass extension. When you log into a new website, it asks if you want to add it to your secure database. Then, the next time you go to twitter, facebook, etc.. it will autofill forms on the page. It is easy to disable if someone else is using your computer, and the only password you have to remember is your LastPass password

  5. I'm beyond passwords on my computer - I can't remember my Blackberry password - which may or may not be different from my BBM password - my ATM password which must be different from my Internet banking password - which is the same as the password to get into my niece's playschool. When is retina scanning going to be the norm?

  6. I have about 4-5 different passwords I use. I use one for financial stuff, a different one for my email, and 2-3 different passwords for everything else.

  7. Retina scanning will be the best alternative in the near future :p

  8. rsjewelrydesigns

    I have chrome and for some sites I just tell it to remember my password. Only do this if it is just your personal computer, and I wouldn't suggest saving passwords for anything like paypal or stuff you really don't want someone to get into. Otherwise I have sticky notes on my bedroom wall for the rest!

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