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So, no takers for Biafra or MV Isonzo!

  1. Well, it's three weeks since I asked if there was anyone out there who was in Biafra or on the vessel MV Isonzo in 1967, and as of today no one has come forward to admit to it. I realise that you have to pretty ancient to have experienced these things and that it's mainly young people who use these sites, so maybe I was being too optimistic?
    OK, so ask your father, uncle, mother, aunt or even your grandparents, especially if they were in the Peace Corps or Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) There were two or three thousand Europeans in Eastern Nigeria before the civil war, many were British, but there was a large group of Americans too. Ask around, you may be surprised at what your parents/grandparents got up to in their youth!

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  2. You are being unrealistic. Let me put it this way: how many bloggers' questions have YOU answered in those three weeks? You need to do outreach, and Facebook is the best place to find an answer like that.

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