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So sorry but I need some advise...

  1. I asked once before about getting a video from you tube and I have the url as
    Do I keep the the word 'watch' in the url listing or do I add the name of my youtube address in the space? Also Do I past the url in the space? And how can I fix any minor problems that may occur? Thank you for understanding, and for your concern.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's not a full URL. You need the actual full URL from the browser bar, like and you do not mess with it in any way.

  3. I know that wasn't a full url. After the word 'Watch" in the url do I put where the many blog readers can find my videos? i.e. ????
    Is This correct? And if so is it pretty easy to put the videos onto the blog? thank you :)

  4. After the word "watch" in the URL you don't put anything. You leave what was there in the browser bar there where it is.

    You go to the page on YouTube that has the video. Once you're on the page, in the browser bar, you copy the entire URL that is listed there. That is what you put in the blog. You don't start truncating it at the word "watch" and just adding on whatever you want. If you want to direct people to your account at YouTube, go to your profile page and copy the URL from the browser bar.

  5. I will try the url and see if it works. But please get back to me if you can? Thank you

  6. Thanks got it. Heading over to You Tube now

  7. I have tried to find my url on you tube but could not even know where to start. Any suggestions? Also please be advised I am not computer savvy.

  8. Please don't create multiple threads on the same topic. It just creates confusion in the forum and wastes time.

    As for the URL it's very simple. You're on this web page right now; every page has a URL that is unique to it. If you look up to the top of your browser window you'll see a very narrow long box that has this in it:

    That is the URL. To get the URL of any YouTube video, you go to the page the video is on, then in the URL window at the top of the page, you copy the URL, all of it. If you click on the YouTube URL I gave you above, it goes to a page with an Elvis Costello video. To make that video display in your blog, you just follow the instructions we gave you in the other thread, using that URL, the same one that's above, which is also the same one you'll see in the URL window when you go to YouTube.

  9. Since we are not you and have no clue where you hid the video - how about some sort of link to the video you want to embed? Until we have more to go on nobody can help you more

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