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So the Kubrick Theme would become perfect for me

  1. The Kubrick Theme would become perfect for me, if it has a customizable background. (And, not so important like the background, but i would love, if the text colors in the widgets would be customized, too, in widget-headlines and links.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can achieve that with a sound knowledge of CSS and the paid upgrade. I doubt they'll go back and add those features into Kubrick, since it's about 5 years old already.

  3. And, it will be dropped from the wordpress.ORG software when the 3.0 version comes out in a few weeks. The new "default" theme is twenty ten.

  4. However I am totally new on blogging world, but i choose exactly Kubrick theme - nice, easy and intuitive to customization.

  5. CSS-editing is no solution for me.

    I know "twenty ten", but i like the 700px-width on "Kubrick" for people with smaller screens.

    I saw on new themes, wordpress is so kind to add features users asked for.

  6. @larshouse
    I saw on new themes, wordpress is so kind to add features users asked for.

    Yes this true but staff won't go back and change old themes because is a shared environment and there is other bloggers using the same theme as you and they may not want those changes and like the theme they way it is already.

  7. /nod to slikbonez

    Yeah I can remember at least one instance when they changed or updated a theme and people went ballistic in the forums. They ended up bringing the old theme back so that there were two, the older one and the newer one.

  8. I remember when that happen I believe it was with the journalist theme when they updated it to a newer version boy were members upset.

  9. Yes, that was it, the journalist, and VERY upset.

  10. I also recall the fallout when Staff placed the "little flowers" that belonged in the Neat theme back into the theme.

  11. I'll add this about Kubrick: virtually all background elements (including the content area) you see on the screen when viewing a blog with Kubrick is an image. The background for the main content area is actually three different images, and because of the drop shadow around the content area, simply changing the grey background image (around the outside) leaves you with a grey gradient border around the content area.

    The above is the long way of saying, it isn't just a matter of giving you the ability to change the background, or the background color. It takes a huge amount of work to make it so that you would be able to do that from within the dashboard, and have an acceptable result. Even the original designer knew that, and instead of updating that theme, the designer came out with K2 Lite, which is the replacement for Kubrick.

    Here is an example of what I mean: .

    As you can see, then entire background for the content are would have to be created anew before they could give you the ability to change the background from within the dashboard, and any change they did, as slikbonez says, would upset those that like it the way it is.

    Kubrick, from a design standpoint is difficult to work with.

  12. @TSP
    I was tempted to post the same thing but decided not to. lol :D
    It's also the favorite theme of sploggers who have wordpress.ORG installs.

  13. Yeah, I think the sploggers use it simply because it is the default, and then really don't care what it looks like and aren't going to spend the time trying to find another theme. Tthey just want people to visit and click on their ads and/or links to sites with malware.

  14. Exactly. :)

  15. @larshouse both versions of The Journalist sport very wide central posting areas on their front page and most of the recently released themes also drop the theme's sidebar when you link to an attachment page, so you can view a much larger image there. (Unfortunately this also means allowing to resize your larger image on the Post or Page where it appears.) There's a most convenient list of maximum image width per theme found here

    But regardless, when it comes to customizing the widget areas, the CSS upgrade is presently the only option.

    @slikbonez, tsp and tt - I don't have the time to find it now, but I believe one of the Theme Team member mentioned in a comment on the WPcom blog that updates to existing themes are coming.

  16. Entirely OT- By the way what's up with the forum footer and missing admin bar? It's been a few days already, no?

  17. At least two. And very annoying it is, too.

  18. @jennifer, I kind of wonder if Kubrick will get the background options update for the reasons I mention above. To update Kubrick the way it is designed, it isn't a code project as much as it is a photoshop project.

    I complained to staff about the b0rked TOS link, and shortly after they emailed me back saying thanks, the forum came up lame, so you can blame me. This is the second time I've broken the forums.


  19. @slikbonez

    "bloggers using the same theme as you and they may not want those changes and like the theme the way it is already"

    All i asked for is to make two features customized, so my suggestions don't touch the blogs of others.

    Are there other bloghosters with more customized themes? I tried out blogspot, but it's not useful with this bar on the top.

  20. @larshouse

    You may be asking for something you won't find on, but look at these posts on this very informative blog:

    Here is a reference of image widths for themes on

    and here for sidebar widths:

  21. I wouldn't be opposed to updating Kubrick, but with the fact that wordpress has dropped it as the "default" theme, and the fact that it is a huge amount of work to implement those feature into Kubrick I kind of doubt anything is going to happen with it.

    One solution would be to buy the CSS upgrade and then use the Kubrick skin in Sandbox? Then you have a theme that is actually well designed and easy to customize, and far more flexible.

  22. Thanks for all the answers and advice.

    CSS editing is no solution for me, because i've only basic knowledge on this so far.

    What a pitty that wordpress seems not interested in support his members. My suggestions weren't a big deal and i need a customized background, so the blog corresponds to my website.

  23. @larshouse
    You can contact Staff directly and make this request

  24. It isn't that they aren't interested, it is just that with Kubrick, it is a big deal due to the way the theme was originally designed. Basically to give you those features they have to completely redesign the entire theme nearly from the bottom up.

  25. @timethief

    I wrote to the support staff directly about two weeks ago. They thanked me for my suggestions and will keep them in mind...

  26. @thesacredpath
    I understand you clearly. This is a big photoshop job and in order to accomplish what larshouse wants the entire theme would have to be re-designed by Staff.

  27. @thesacredpath

    Why is it a big deal to put background- and or widget-colors from fixed to customized?? I don't think so for someone who's aknowledged.

  28. @larshouse
    Oh ... Well, as you had already asked Staff prior to posting this thread that would have been good for us Volunteers to know. Staff makes such decisions we members don't and everything that can be said has been said. Best wishes with your blogging. :)

  29. @larshouse, this is from someone who has experience with designing/editing/customizing themes and with CSS: It is not a simple fix with Kubrick.

    I'm not saying they will not do it, I'm just saying that I would be surprised if they did.

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