So there's no longer a possibility of pretty fonts for my blog?!?

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    Okay. So I basically know nothing about blogs or CSS or HTML, etc. but I’ve spent a lot of time attempting to learn as much as I can in hopes of creating a blog. It’s been my “project” over the course of several months now. At one point, I successfully managed to use Typekit to make one of my blogs have and retain different types of fonts that I changed and grouped together. I managed to use the selectors and all of that and it worked fine. Now, a few months later I can not manage to create a new type kit that works with my blog- if that even makes sense. There’s no where to put in the JavaScript TypeKit 7digit id. The fonts that I put into the type kit do not show up within the list of available fonts either- I purchased the Custom Upgrade thing. I read somewhere that if you were not “grandfathered in” as of November 2013 in Advanced mode or something that it’s no longer allowed. So, basically, how can i prove that I successfully did it on one of my blogs in the past- or is it a lost cause? Not being able to choose different fonts really makes the whole process of having a wordpress blog really less creative. I actually really may not even make one anymore. I was actually so excited and proud that I had taken on the challenge of doing this complicated task of creating custom fonts for my blog- something that is probably an unheard of task for most people doing a blog for the first time- to only find out that the option IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. So annoyed. I’m sure none will read this, but I decided to do this just in case. Thanks for your help in advance. Sincerely,
    Madeline ( the blog that may never get to be as wonderful as it once could have been

    The blog I need help with is



    You can read the answer to your question at

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    Karim-This Support doc needs an update as it is no longer possible to connect a TypeKit account to one’s’s site since the advanced mode is no longer available.

    If you would like to add a separate Typekit account to use together with the Custom Design upgrade, you must have setup a account and you must also have purchased a Custom Design upgrade. To connect your Typekit account to your blog, make sure you have switched to “advanced mode” on your Appearance → Custom Design → Fonts page in your blog dashboard and entered the “Kit ID” provided by Typekit. After that, you will be able to manage your fonts through the Kit Editor on the website using their instructions.

    @thecampaignchampagne – does this help explain a little better?



    Sorry about that, the text has been adjusted.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

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