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    Hi Everyone,

    Nice to meet you :) I am attempting to understand this whole blog program and process with very little synapse for it due to time constraints. I need to know how to get my favorite links listed on the sidebar…more questions to come. I can say for myself I managed two entries lol.

    I know your time is valuable as well. I apprechiate any advice given.




    Put all your favorite links together into an OPML file on your desktop and import them directly.



    ‘skindude: have a look at these pages, they should give you a better idea of the whole links thing;

    The wikipedia page gives a good overview of OPML



    Pvtguy and Toehold,

    I apprechiate the information, I am sure you get these questions over and over and over, but thanks for the patience and the help.



    When you log into your Desktop, you’ll see a bunch of grey squares along the bottom of the page. If you clikc on some of those (I suggest a right click followed by an “open in a new window” so not to lose the list) you can see what your fellow user is blogging about. It might give you some ideas.

    Hope this helps,

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