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So, waddya think?

  1. Hello beautiful peoples. :)
    It is I, Susan J. Flyweel. I've been neglecting my blog for numerous reasons, school being the top one. *grimaces*
    I intend to get back to clickity-clackiting away as soon as possible.

    In the mean time, I wanted your, yes, YOUR opinion on this idea I had for another story/novel/thingamabob.

    Lucid Reality
    What if your dreams could shape reality?


    “Ben, I never want to see you again. You were my life in college, but I have a new life now. Just go away”
    Mrs. Rivers took her daughter’s hand, turned on her heel, and walked down the sidewalk runway, taking off from her past.
    “Mommy, who was that man?” little Tess asked, her big blue eyes overflowing with concern. “He was scary.”
    The mother shush-ed her softly. “Keep walking, teddy bear.” She did, looking up at her mother every few seconds.
    “Stop walking, Megan. Just turn around.”
    “Mommy,” Tess whispered, her high-pitched voice shaking with fear. “I’m scared.”
    Megan picked up the 6-year-old and walked faster, the sound of heavy footsteps right behind her.
    “You think you can just run away? Isn’t that right, Megan?” The man’s voice followed them, coated with insanity. “You can’t run away, Megan. Not anymore. Not now. Not ever again.”
    “Mommy!” Tess cried.
    Megan reached the library and softly placed the little girl on the steps, kissing her on the head. “Go inside, teddy bear. Don’t come out.”
    Tess scurried into the library and hid behind a bookshelf. She heard the whole thing happen. The gunshot. The scream. The manic laughter.
    “Mommy,” Tess choked out through tears. “Mommy!”


    So, would you read this? Is it an at least halfway decent idea?

  2. I don't really know what the idea is. Of what I read it seemed interesting, but I don't have any idea of what the idea is or how dreams shaping reality fits in. I'd have to read more or know more about the dreaming part of it to really have a grasp of what I think.

  3. Good beginning, but you might want to preface how the dream stuff fits in. I get that it will come later and will make more sense. But, you set me up for a lucid reality and I didn't get it. Still, it's a good beginning.

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