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So, what do you post about?

  1. I find myself stuck in a rut, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has gone through moments like this. For a considerable period of time I found myself posting to my blog on a relatively frequent basis (several times a day, for example), but as of late, I find myself having trouble coming up with anything to post about.

    I've just recently launched a new personal site/blog/portfolio (trying to establish a more consistent and coordinated web presence), and one thing I'd definitely like to do for myself -- and any possible readers -- is keep the content flowing. But I find myself suffering from a complete lack of inspiration.

    So, I've turned to you fine folks. What do you post about? What gets your gears cranking?

  2. well, pop in and have a look...

  3. I am the curator of the Grassy Knoll Institute. Home of the 99 cent conspiracy theory.

    I write about fish.

  4. I write what I see, feel, and know. I write about the Javanese life -- culture, language, tradition and me.

  5. I write about random topics keeps the website fresh
    with new content and draws in new readers... =)

  6. Guess :)

  7. I write about "the secret." :)

  8. history ancient and modern, poetry, some music, games, eccentricities, yack, what else

  9. I write screenplays, short stories, poems, and music. I concentrate more on my screenplays, but I won't be posting those.

  10. Since I'm new I haven't wrote much. But I plan to write music, theories, and hamsters.


  11. All about religious gnostification, ...I think. do you?

  12. Bios, disasters, Popeye the sailor, Pugwash,speeches

  13. since scientists like to research and bicker, i basically have a neverending source of info for my blog. i tend to mix in personal stories and my immature sense of humor too :p

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