So what’s wrong with WordPress?!

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    Stats are not working, dashboard also, new post I cant get the page to load & it fails..
    What is this??? I sent a post yesterday. I contact the support I got no reply?
    Could you tell me what’s going on? It’s really getting on my nerves!



    Please don’t start a new thread when you’ve already asked the same question in another thread. You are just creating work for volunteers in the forums.


    Thanks, but I’m not trying to create work for anyone. I’m just trying to get an answer since nobody bothered about the old post, & nobody contacted me from the support. Besides as I understand this what the forum is for..



    I answered in the other thread. Why don’t you go read it?

    Re-posting the exact same thing is never going to lead to a solution. The forum is for finding solutions. It’s possible the solution got posted in the other thread…so go check it.


    Lovefrom1stbite, I guess you have a few things to learn about asking questions, me, too, but I checked out your blog and it’s really gorgeous and well-designed and full of wonderful recipes, so I’m glad I read your post. One thing, some of the pics seem too close. I imagine you’re wanting to make sure readers can see important detail, but the camera gets so close that context clues like the size of the dish relative to the food is missing–I mean, I’m trying to say, take for example the strawberry hotcakes–the strawberries looked huge! If I had a glimpse of the corner of a napkin, the side of the plate, it would give it perspective.

    I have found the best luck on the forum asking one question at a time, if I can manage the discipline when so pressed by whatever problem is currently tormenting!



    that happens to me too. just be patient.

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