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Soapbox for unhappy campers and community misfits

  1. This is a special thread for special people with special needs including but not limited to
    (1) those who feel a need to stand on soapboxes and rant and rail about wordpress policy
    (2) those who like to gossip, snipe, snark and take cheap shots at fellow bloggers
    (3) those who feel hard done by
    (4) those who don't feel a pressing need to create quality content for their blogs but long to chat and chatter
    (5) those threadjackers on the support forums who have no answers to give to questions posed but feel the need to be heard anyway
    (6) those who are more inclined to poison any attempts to build community with their unhappiness than to contribute in a meaningful way
    (7) those who refuse to use the resources available to them like the pink sticky posts at the head of the forum, the FQAs blog and the forum searchbox
    (8) those who want to read what unhappy campers feel a need to share and jump up on the soapbox with them
    (9) those who want to rotflol at what gets posted in this thread.

  2. Hehe!

    Can I kick it off with those people that absolutely refuse to read the big pink stickies (ooer!) at the top of the support forum?

    Come on people, they're there for a reason!

  3. Guys, we need to be doing this on the other forums as this isn't really a support issue.

    Gotta addit that I wish folks would shop emailing me for help though. i guess about 50-70 a day and it's usually about stuff in the forums and FAQs. *sigh* Even the phpNuke folks that I help aren't this bad.

  4. @drmike
    This is an IDEAS forum thread and not a SUPPORT thread [she said thrusting her nose into the air and sniffing]. Moreover, I've seen a lot less amusing ideas than this one being posted previously [she said thrusting her lower lip out into the pout position]. And [she said with a big grin ;D] we can always use a good laugh, right? :)

    P.S. @cornell - nice one ^^ - I edited to include it.;)

  5. Agreed but we shouldn't be badmouthing other folks here in front of them.

  6. Who me bad mouth people legitimately looking for help? No way drmike. Who me whisper in corners like a cowardly, manipulative sniper. No *coughing* way. But when it comes to community "spoilers" please let me unsheath my very best rapier and do the filleting in front an audience, prior to BBQing. please ... please... please...
    P.S. *humour* If you delete this thread and my will isn't done then I'll throw a snit fit, send you a barage of email and cyber stalk you wherever you go. *lol*

    okay, okay - I'll be good.;)

  7. it would be nice if ppl asking for help say thanks after their problem is resolved. i may have been guilty of not doing so but i try to say thanks whenever i remember. and it's stuck-up to say thanks to only one person whose answer solved your problem 'cos others do try to help though it may not work.

  8. Thanks for all the times you helped me and I forgot to say thanks sulz. :)

  9. likewise. i think you helped me more than i you!

  10. Time thief.

  11. it would be nice if ppl asking for help say thanks after their problem is resolved.

    Agreed for the very simple reason we know to close the issue or ticket. :)

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