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Social Booking Marking

  1. Hi,
    Can someone please explain to me in detail how to add social book marks to each of the post in my tab. I tried googling it but i always get lost with the coding and i have no clue where to paste what. No clue about css and editing it. So if theres anyone willing to kinda guide me through a detailed step by step process it would be awesome and u get a special mention on my blog..:)


    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1) Go to

    2) In the 'Post Title' box: write/paste the title of your post.

    3) In the 'Post Permalink' box: write/paste the URL or the shortlink to your post.

    4) (Optional) using the radio buttons select your desired design for the buttons.

    5) Click the 'GetSocial!' button - some HTML code will appear in a box below.

    6) Copy the code to your clipboard - use Ctrl+C or RightClick>>Copy on the selected code (the automatic 'Send to clipboard' option will only work with IE).

    7) Back to WordPress: Edit your post >> Select HTML edit mode (not visual mode).

    8) Paste the code to the bottom of your post.

    9) Save your work.

    It sounds like a lot of hustle because I wrote everything in such detail, but the whole process should take about 5 seconds to complete (after some practice).

    Good Luck,
    Hillel :)

  3. Thanks Hillel so very much! going to try it now. Thanks!

  4. Hillel, it works brilliantly. thanks for the detailed steps :)

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