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    I have a solution of sorts for people who want to add Digg This! buttons and so on to their posts. It’s not perfect, but it works.

    Briefly I’ve created a bookmarklet. What you do is – before you publish – set a stub for your blog entry. Then click the bookmarklet and type in the stub. This will generate code just like Oddiophile’s technorati tags bookmarklet. You copy the code and place it in the blog entry wherever you want it.

    There’s a choice of up to ten links so far. More details at my site. I was going to add the fanpop site but that doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. I can add others, but not for a few days as I find writing Javascript very tedious.



    Is that different from/an improvement over what’s in this thread? I find the whole thing rather confusing and am working just off text links, myself.



    It’s an improvement for me, because I’m lazy and like to do stuff from my web browser. The process is:
    * typing in a stub into the stub box in the right column of write post page.
    * clicking the bookmarklet and typing the stub into the prompt.
    * CTRL+C and then pasting the code at the end.
    * Publish.

    What it doesn’t handle is post titles. The advantage of having a template which you find and replace on is that you can include that in the html. I don’t digg myself, so it’s not a problem for me but the template system is slightly better for other users in that regard as it also fills out a title in some of the link sites.

    Another factor is the php script that writes the bookmarklet for you links to So in your case the links would point to rather than The links would work, but the technorati link wouldn’t be useful. I’ve written in an option so you can pick ‘n’ choose which sites you link to, so if you have an antipathy to something like technorati or then you can avoid it.

    I think there’s slightly more sites listed on that thread too, but if there are requests then I can add more options reasonably painlessly.



    Thanks, that clarifies a lot!



    I have created a simple autohotkey script to do so, please see


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