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    Hi all

    I really want to add a social bookmarking button to all my posts and I gather that the only way to do this for a account is to use aprogram called Get Social. However, Get Social only works for people who use Windows. Are there any options for Mac users such as myself?

    If not, then can I jump on a Windows computer, set Get Social up on my blog there and then it’s done and can be left alone? Or it is something that I’ll need to be able to access daily?




    I am using Mac and the best way i found for the social bookmarking on all my posts is the addthis button that i easily copy/paste, as i have bought the CSS upgrade as well



    You’ll find a couple of links to tutorials in the first post by the OP,
    that will explain how to go about it with a Mac,


    Thanks folks.

    I’ve discovered that Add This have a button that can be used in a text widget and it works for whatever post the user is currently looking at. This is incredibly cool and easy to set up (as opposed to re-editing every single post). I’m not sure if this is new or not as I’m sure that the last time I checked, Add This didn’t have anything for users. But then again, I may have simply been a bit clueless when I first looked into this! Anyway, regardless, it’s brilliant.

    In case somebody else stumbles across this, the link you need to get you started is


    PS Is there any advantage to actually having social bookmarking links on every post if it is already in the sidebar?



    Believe or no the “Add This” button will only share the home page
    URL instead of the Permalink.

    So readers won’t be able to share your articles by clicking the
    the “Add This” Button.

    That’s why a lot of members don’t use their button.

    If you need proof of what I’m saying give this test a try
    click on a article headline then press the “Add This” button
    then check the Full URL in your address bar and see if the
    article headline is in the link.


    I’ve only tried it on Facebook, since that’s the one that I use, and it works fine. Whatever post I am currently on is the one that gets shared – correct url and all.

    I just tested it on Google Bookmarks and it works perfectly there too. Again, correct url for whatever post/page I was on.

    Perhaps Add This have recently upgraded their button?

    Anyway, I’m loving it!



    I just tried it out on you your site and clicked this head line
    URL >

    While on your Perma link I clicked the Add This Button and got this

    See how it doesn’t match up it should of included this
    URL instead >



    Never mind my above statement I stand corrected
    Add This must have updated there site when I added
    this link
    To my Google reader it provide the Correct PermaLink to the article
    which was this link

    I’m Glad to see that Add This finally works right with WordPress.COM :-)


    Cheers! Thanks for testing that for me and it’s good news for everybody about Add This finally working for us WordPress.COM folk.



    and by the way, Add this is now “officially” on wordpress FAQ


    That link still goes to a page that says that there is code that you must copy into each post. As I have discovered, this is not the case.

    Add This now provide simple code that can used in the sidebar and it works for whatever post/page you are looking at when you click it. When you are in the Add This site it’s the final option given for WordPress users and Add This state that it is a simplified version that they’ve developed for WordPress.COM users.



    Yes, but MOST people will be looking at the front page of your blog; thus, when they click it, the entire blog is what gets bookmarked. This is counterproductive.


    Really? I would debate otherwise since you can’t read any of my posts in their entirety from the front page.

    Nevertheless the point is – the button works as I state it works. The effectiveness of this is a different matter, as sure, many people may not realise this. But it works.



    The majority of your readers at any given time are indeed looking at the front page of the blog. Clickthroughs using the More tag result in fewer overall readers of posts, although they do increase clicks; that’s why they’re popular with advertising-based sites who depend on clicks rather than readership.

    The button as you’ve outlined functions. But the button as you’ve outlined does not, in most cases, serve to recommend individual posts. So it’s a question of what the function of the button actually IS.


    OK, fair enough. Each to their own.

    I’m certainly very happy with how it functions on my blog – because it does work.


    Also, thanks for answering my question from earlier on about having social bookmarking links on every post versus n the sidebar. I may yet still go and add buttons manually to my recent posts.



    I am too lazy to read everybodies comments but here is what I have used in the past:



    Can anyone answer the question about using get social when you’re on a mac?
    apparently it doesn’t work for macs. But, if a mac user were to use a PC to set up the get social application, is it just a one time thing and once it’s set up, it goes into all your posts?

    or do you have to do something on each post, every time you post?
    I’d really like to know this. I’m a mac user, and if I could go to a friend’s PC and set up get social, and it’s a one time thing and works from then on out, I think that would be the best option. but not if it’s something that must be done on each post.


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