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  1. Howdy again all

    I had been adding a social networking tool to the end of all of my posts, but it seemed to be slowing the page load time waiting for each icon to populate on the eight posts on my landing page. The time lag wasn't hideous, but I'm on high speed DSL.

    If a visitor wants to send a particular post to Digg or Facebook or whatever, they can just copy the post permalink and do the same thing, can't they? I don't belong to any of those things so I don't really know how they work. I know this isn't exactly a WP issue, but I know lots of you belong to at least some of those social networks and know how they work.

    Thanks for any info!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, a visitor can easily copy a permalink and submit your posts to any site they are a member of. I have tried various bookmarking icons (buttons) and watched my "clicks" very closely, unlike raincoaster I did not see any evidence that my readers were using these links so I no longer use any at all.

    Currently we can use these social bookmarking options at
    getsocial live
    and addtoany

  3. pornstarbabylon

    If it's slowing down your page, maybe lower the post count to 5 so the pages will load more quickly. Pictures and videos will also slow down a page tremendously. I just looked at your blog and you have more than 5 posts on the main page. Lowering the count might help.

  4. Thanks guys!

    timethief, it was the getsociallive button that I was using. Neat little gadget, but like I said, the icons were quite slow to populate for my site. I removed them and the page loads up instantly again. Plus, it was a pain in the patootie to remember to add it to every post.

    pornstarbabylon, I prefer to not go any lower than 8 posts on the landing page just because I think there's more chance that someone who stumbles across the site might find at least a couple posts that interest them. Not so much, possibly, if I only had 5 up there. With the bookmarking buttons gone, the site is back to normal load time of less than 1/2 a second.

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